iPod cover

A wonderfully easy knitting project to make a cover for an iPod.

iPod cover

What you need

3mm needles
2 & 1/4 mm needles
double knitting wool


Using your 3mm needles and double knitting wool, cast on 16 stitches and knit stocking stitch for 3 inces. Put stitches onto spare needle.

Main Part
Using your 3mm needles and double knitting wool, cast on 40 stitches and knit double 2×2 rib for 3 inches, ending with the wrong side facing.
Next row, knit rib for 22 stitches, cast off 16 stitches and purl 2.
Next row knit 2 transfer 16 stitches from spare needle and knit rib 2×2 across all stitches until it measures 4 inches.

Change to 2 & 1/4 mm needles and rib 2×2 in the same or contrasting wool for a further 2 inches and cast off.

Turn over top 2 inches in half and sew down. Sew along side and bottom securely to finish.

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  1. hey ppl this website is so kul luvin da chicken viking hat

  2. i really want to make it but i cant knit!!!

  3. This is so cool

  4. i made something similar to this by a basic knit stitch. It does not have the hole, but I love it because I know that my iPod will not get too cold when I’m out in winter listening to it.

  5. This is soooo coool . I wanted to make it but I didn’t understand a word you typed.

  6. These instructions are not clear. I get confused when attempting to make sense of the transfer of stitches between the “pocket” and “main part”. Some clarification is definitely needed.

  7. 1)it needs a pic,2)what ipod is it for??

  8. i should have a picture up very soon

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