Rag Wreath: Fabric Swatch Rag

Rag Wreath: Fabric Swatch Rag

This free Christmas craft shows you how to make a country wreath using fabric scraps also known as a Rag Wreath

What you need

Fabric Scraps or swatches
Wire coat hanger
Optional Christmas decorations


This Christmas wreath craft has been made using upholstery fabric swatch samples that have been cut into strips. You can also use Rags or fabric scraps to create this DIY Rag Wreath

Start by bending your coat hanger into a circle. Leave the hook at the top to hang it with.

Take your fabric and cut it into around 12 inch (30 cm) strips that are 2 inch (5 cm) wide.

Take your fabric strip and tie it into a knot around the wire circle. Keep doing this until the circle can no longer fit any more fabric strips on it.

This is a very simple craft but it looks great when completed so stick with it.

You will need lots of fabric strips for this project it will depend on how tight and full you want your wreath.

When you are finished use some holly leaves , bells or other decorations to decorate your wreath.


  1. We made something like this when I was in the first grade using red and green tissue paper. This is a bit more sophisticated looking but just as simple to make; and very festive! For those of us who choose to depart from the usual colors of Christmas for our decorations it’s a great way to bring our decorations further into our chosen color scheme, whether it’s traditional red and green, Advent purple and pink or whatever. Thanks for a great memory and the opportunity to update it a little.

  2. I love this one. Recycling is important. I have a real problem throwing away fabric pieces. I use to make doll clothes a lot so many of the scraps would be big enough to make something for a doll. But now I have another use for them. This is a really cute wreath and totally out of things you already have if you do any sewing at all.

  3. groovypixie says

    LOVE IT!! Ive made 3 so far!! Thank you!! everyone loves them!! its fun and leaves lots of room for creativity!!

  4. so this is a craft everyone knows i had alot of leftover fabric cut it into stips and tied it on to a circular bit of wire, my family loved even though it was just like a rag wreath it turned out really cool everyone wanted one love the idea

    by the way you dont have to have even strips to create this looks much better when its randomly cut in length

  5. very nice wreath.got more patterns using upholstery samles

  6. How long are the strips ?? 30 cm equals what in inches??

  7. This is a neat alternative to a plastic wreath and a great way to use small patches of fabric that you find laying around. Thanks

  8. this is adorable!

  9. I did this in red and purple Red Hatters colour. It is great looking.

  10. You can also use plastic bags, cut up in the same way as the material – use green and red bags for a good result then tie a bit of tinsel around to decorate


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