Win a $50 Gift Card

Win a $50 Gift Card

We love our readers - and 2014 has been a great year so far! So to celebrate, we are giving away a $50 gift card to for you to buy yarn to your delight!

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What you need

Just need to enter your name, your favorite knitting project and email.


How do you win? Simple – just tell us the name of a knitting project from our site that is your favorite in the comments below. And we will pick one lucky winner so that they can buy yarn to their desire from

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Good Luck!

Ends 6th March.


  1. im a crocheter but my favorite project was the britches

    • Susan Warner {Hoyt} says

      I love to knit and crochet and I make many articles for my 6 children and 14 grandchildren and soon I will have a great grandchild. Being on disability puts a little damper on what I can make and usually I go on the freecycles to try to get yarn that people give away to make things with for then I can make more for them and keep my arthritic hands going. Congratulations on your good year and hope you have another good year this year.

  2. Hi my name is Jeannie and I just wanted to say Ty so much for this site on the beautiful patterens .. I’m knitting ur patteren for the washcloth with the letter on it.. Almost done.. I think I’m going to do A to Z going to give everyone I know one .. I can’t wait till I finish this to do the cloth that has Born to knit on it can’t thank you enough for sharing ur patterens w/ us.. Good luck to everyone and me too lol.. Have a great day!! 🙂

  3. Knitted Kid’s Chick Hat is great & really a fun, fast knit! I made several this year & donated them to the kids at the local hospital cancer center!!

  4. I think the card stocking project is great and I do a lot of crochet work for charities, I would dearly love to win just think of what could be made for them…afgans, jumpers, gloves to help keep out the cold – the list goes on….

  5. my mom crochets like crazy – making projects for babies as part of her charitable work and also items for her grandkids and children. i would love to win this for her. jeanifree at

  6. Dinonut says

    The Baby’s Lacy Shawl

  7. luvmyhuskey says

    I’m going to knit the gentleman bunny:)

  8. Sandra Beck says

    Shawls for the elderly and sick..Mini shawls for the little ones….Keep the shoulders warm and give a feeling of love
    to all ….

  9. Carole Cameron says

    Knitted half a dozen of the adorable child’s beanie which I felt was more of a cloche hat. My recipients loved them and have ordered more in different colours for this coming winter. So easy to knit. I used the wrong side for the right side because I liked the pattern better. Thank you for the pattern.

  10. I like this site of craftbits that I am interesting to learn more new crafts. It is cool.

  11. Ramatgan says

    The knitted sunflower cushion is my favourite project.

  12. Dinonut
    I like the Baby’s Lacey (Lacy) Shawl; however the yan would be for my daughter who really loves knitting.

  13. Oh and my email address is: Hope I’m not too late!

  14. Hi, I’ve just started knitting, and it’s a lot of fun! I really enjoyed the card stocking project and hope to try it one day. Hope I get picked!

  15. kay wolter says

    I love the I love the gift card stockings This would be a gift to My Sisiter in law She deserves some fun…

  16. My favorite is the crocheted puppy dog scarf

  17. Barbara Terry says

    The bathmat set. Such a pretty pattern

  18. The Knitted Yellow Pocket Fireman is adorable!

  19. Mei – Knit Stocking Gift Card Holders but making them as an advent calendar

  20. I have and hope to crochet more of your animals for children .

  21. Victoria says

    I really like the Mango Moon shrug. Very cool idea!

  22. Zyin Wong
    Captain America Placemat

  23. Jean Bouder says

    My favorite so far = Frog Pond Infant Hat 🙂

  24. geri actor says

    captain america shield would be cute for my grandsons

  25. Debbie Petch says

    The Knitted Fluffy Chick was great! mysticmisha at hotmail dot com

  26. Jade20653 says

    I like the Knitted Nearly Gloves. They are beautiful!

  27. richelle bowers says

    Child’s Scarf – Chunky Chenille Wool

  28. I love the little dammit doll! I know a lot of people who can use one.

  29. Andrea Johnson says

    My kitty loves the knitted mouse toy.

  30. I love everything Pacman. So the Pacman based iPhone sleeve is my favorite knitted project on your site.

  31. Makcraft31 says

    The ipod/mobile holder!

  32. Lynn Fields says

    I like the short stitches blanket, you can use up left over yarns and make an adorable blanket in any size. From baby doll to adult size blankie.

  33. ikkinlala says

    I love your Knitted Healthy Carrot – so cute!


  34. Kimberly B. says

    I like the Mango Moon shrug. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  35. patricia says

    baby’s lacy shawl

  36. Nancy Craig says

    The hair clip-knitted flower pattern is a great way to use up small coloured bits of wool.

  37. june eggers says

    I’m kind of a newbie but like the dishcloth pattern.

  38. Norma Sullivan says

    My favorite pattern is the “Laptop Snuggler – Ladies Pastels”. I hope to make a scaled down version for my daughters tablet.

  39. I have two kitties who would love to have one of those crochetet kittiy houses!! I thought those were cute, and I’ll have to check that pattern out a little bit more.

  40. Kim , Knitted daisy cushion.

  41. Easy Baby Bear Beanie

  42. Baby feet cloth made it for a friend and she loved it. It reminds her of her new granddaughter .

  43. serialmethod says

    Knitted Nearly Gloves

  44. Denise. Evans says

    Love all your patterns can’t wait to try them I’m making tea cosy at the moment

  45. Mary Miller says

    Felted knitted hook holder

  46. Karen Radermacher says

    I like Mario and the Princess scarf I would like to do this project as soon as I get the time I do lots of projects for coworkers they are the best

  47. The white fluffy chick for Easter is so cute

  48. I love knitting cotton sweaters

  49. Sharon Arrington. Quick and EZ knit baby booties.

  50. Quick and EZ knit baby booties

  51. Deborah Bettes says

    I am a soon to be new grandmother, so the Quick and EZ knit booties is my favorite pattern!

  52. I like the Lavender sachet project. I believe I could do this one.

  53. Jan Smith

    I really like the easy baby booties. They are just adorable.

  54. Darci Bartlett says

    I love the dish clothe britches pattern and am making them for all of my daughters and daugthers-in-law

  55. My favorite is the knitted Christmas Elf Hat – so cute and I have almost a year to work on it!

  56. Connie Lytle says

    The Baby’s Lacey Shawl is so pretty. Can’t wait to get started!

  57. My favourite is the “Basic Adult Knitted Beanie”. I have made this in so many beautiful color combinations and donated all to Charity. Great way to use up all those small leftover pieces of yarn!
    Thanks for entering me.

  58. Deb Kegelmeyer says

    I love the knitted penguin

  59. My favorite is anything that I knit for my 17-month old triplet grandchildren!

  60. I’ve been watching a lot of superhero movies lately, so I’m going to have to pick the Captain America Placemats as my current favorite project.


  61. Since it tends to be cool to cold here often in the Pacific Northwest, I prefer the more utilitarian styles like “Beanie – Manly Man Style”

  62. Brenda Nemec says

    Brenda Nemec I love so many of the projects, but I will say the Knit Stocking Gift Card Holders!

  63. Alexis Wasko says

    Headbands for the winter with flowers on top!

  64. kori gillen says

    Kori, Baby Cocoons,
    Would love to win!

  65. The Spring Burlap Door Banner!

  66. Hard to pick a favorite but I finally narrowed it down to the Collared Stole

  67. Pamla Crandall says

    love the eggplant arm warmers, I’m always cold and need to protect my wrists.

  68. I like the Barbie sweater project!

  69. I love the Mario and Princess scarf!

  70. Robin Hughes says

    Love the Cell Phone Cozy project. Thank you for the chance to win!

  71. I like the Knitted Cherry Pie

  72. Melissa Gerhart says

    Hi my name is Melissa Gerhart & I love the knitted spider pattern!!! I hate spiders…they scare the heck out of me but this is just about the cutest spider I have ever seen! I also love all of the baby patterns that you have on your site, I wish I had a baby to make them for…my husband and I have been trying for over 5 years…no luck yet but we are staying positive! Thanks so much for all the free knitting patterns and all of the other great craft ideas, I love your site! thank you for the opportunity to win this great prize as well!! : )

  73. I love the hanger tidy. I have been looking for something just like this!!

  74. I think the hanger tidy is a great project!! I have been looking for something just like this!!

  75. Well, I thought you wanted me to choose my favorite prepackaged kit, so I studied them. The baby’s cardigan of many colors attracted my attention first, and I have two great granddaughters who are seven months apart in age – double the use!

    But I’ve really been thinking about neutral accessories to tone down my usual colorful style. So I chose the lovely beige sequined silk shawl. It looks light and airy – I love its lines!

    Up til now I had not shopped here, but today I ready in the Facebook Group Crochet Addict an awesome testimonial from someone who shops with you for the exceptional QUALITY of your yarns! I am going now to shop!

    Kindly notify me that I’ve won a shopping spree! Spangler

  76. The Easy Baby Booties Pattern is my go-to gift for new moms.

  77. Sue Schaffarczyk says

    Hope this is not cheating(2nd entry ) I also love the knitted mouse -made many of these small friends to fit into small pockets and they are carried around for years.

  78. the knit/crochet afghan

  79. Sue Schaffarczyk says

    I love the knitted Easter Bunny(the white one ) cute and timely right now !

  80. im najjini from malaysia. i love your recent project…DIY Quilted Shamrock Centerpiece. 😉

  81. the Can’t Fail Pattern: Easy Baby Booties, I’ve made many pairs.

  82. love this!!!!

  83. Lynne Tilley says

    I would like to try the Knit Baby Hat, Quick And Ez. My DIL is teaching me, and I have a grandson due in April.

  84. I love the candy corn bowl!!!!

  85. Wilma, I don’t knit, but I love the Teddy Go Round Blanket for crochet!

  86. I love making hats!

  87. Actually I love to Crochet, Baby blankets, booties, and bookmarks.

  88. I love the initial face flannels!

  89. I love the Christmas Pudding Beanie, so cute and fun to make!


    I love this almost as much as I think my husband would love having it!

  91. The pumpkin bowl!

  92. Rebecca Brewer says

    My face is the Knee High Bootee’s.

  93. Nina Cramer says

    Nina, I love baby blankets. They are always appreciated and it warms my heart to see a mom and baby all snuggled together.

  94. I love the knitted penguin, I will have to make it this year for Christmas!!

  95. Terri Lester says

    I Love the Long Legged Easter Bunny!

  96. Laura Wernet says

    Knit Stocking Gift Card Holders are great for this family

  97. Love all you dishcloth patterns……have never found any that can compare to yours!

  98. I Love the knitted food items. Those would make great toddler toys.

  99. Lisa Ormsby says


  100. The Collared Shawl is very different. It is also rather old fashioned. Love to make it.

  101. Margaret Ortiz says

    I love the Knitted Christmas Elf Hat.

  102. knitted christmas elf hat

  103. I absolutely need this! It’s so Fluffy!!! Fluffy Chick

  104. Diane Madigan says

    I like the knitted piano keyboard purse!

  105. Baby Lacey Shawl

  106. Katy Roberts says

    The quick felted clutch purse is so cute

  107. Jeanne Sheridan says

    Love all things ‘baby’

  108. Love all the knitted food! Wonderful patterns

  109. Alana Raymond says

    I like the Dr. Who Jelly Belly toy – I can think of a number of adults who would love it.

  110. Keirston Swope says

    I love knitted animals of all kinds. The tiny ones are so adorable!

  111. The wire poinsettia is nice and would make a great napkin ring.

  112. Knitted daisy cushion

  113. I like the Collared Stole. The collar is something different and would be nice when it’s cold.

  114. i love the knitted pumpkins!

  115. I like the girly punk skully cap. perfect for me 🙂

  116. Lori Johnson says

    I make baby blankets and our church gives each baby a blanket at their baptism. I especially like the Baby’s Lacy Shawl.

  117. I like
    Mr Blobby Toy

  118. Karen Smith says

    I want to try the round crochet rugs to add accents to our floors.

  119. czstewart50 says

    also childrens hat thx

  120. czstewart50 says

    i am trying to make infinity scarf thanks

  121. I love them all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  122. I liked the Pineapple and Honey skin tightener. Sounds so yummy!!!

  123. I want to make the long legged Easter Bunny. He is so cute!

  124. I would love to learn to knit so I could make a Harmony Shawl.

  125. I love the knitted balls. My grandchildren would love these.

  126. I like two, actually. The Tea Cozy Country House and the Fluffy Owl. They are SO cute!

  127. yarnaddicted says

    I really like the Easy Adult Slipper and Easy Baby Booties patterns, can’t wait to make them!
    Kim Reid

  128. Karla Aspinwall says

    I love the helix hat. Easy, and cute!!!

  129. The Baby’s Lacey Shawl makes a beautiful gift!

  130. Gwendolyn Clark says

    The Santa shelf sitter is my favorite.

  131. Livi Reinsch says

    My favorite project is the Knit Candy Corn Bowl.

  132. Chantal Snyman says

    Love the Christmas balls project, can’t wait to hang some in the windows!

  133. Connie Robinson says

    I love all of your knitting patterns but my favorite is the dishcloths especially th praying hands one. Very nice.

  134. Gloria Masley says

    Queens Shrug, I’ve been knitting various shrugs for myself and family and this has become my go to item. Thanks for the great pattern & idea!!

  135. The Chunky Lace Knit Cap. I am so girly now that I have three boys and a husband! Anything girly and I am all over it!

  136. I like the scarf with built in pockets!

  137. sueann capela says

    Love the knitted penguin ptoject

  138. Terri Stevens says

    I love Grandmas easy knit slippers.

  139. The Hair Clip is cute!

  140. I like the Dishcloth Praying Hands. I think they are lovely and I am going to try and make them into a Bible book cover. And I am also going to make some dishcloths with this pattern because I like to have something in my hand that reminds me that I am so fortunate to be able to knit.

  141. Sandra Kinney says

    I really like the easiest beanie.. It is very quick to make.

  142. Anything to do with babies! I also love all projects for animals, especially dogs.

  143. Mrs Katrina Taylor says

    Love the crochet cat bed.

  144. Peggy Parks says

    I like the felted tote bag (love the colors!).

  145. For me it is the hats. I combine knitting hats with getting sweaters from the thrift store and harvesting the yarn from them for the hats. Thanks for this contest.

  146. Terri Trujillo says

    I love the Baby Slippers – Mary Janes! So sweet.

  147. My favorite are the Grandma’s Quick Time Slippers. I knitted them in small size for my little girl and she loves them!

  148. Hello, My name is Heather and I really love the Child’s Hat – Square Beanie. My sister is due any day, and my step-sister is right behind her! Thanks!

  149. Ann Bertling says

    I like the cat beds

  150. My favorite pattern I’ve made so far is the Dragon Tail Shawl

  151. I like the Jersey Pillow Cover and I love the crocheted cat bed.

  152. I love the hats too. I don’t yet know how to knit but it’s on my list of stuff to learn! That and quilting. ^_^

  153. Heather Rigney says

    I really like the Harmony Shawl, without the long fringe.

  154. Renee Barnes says

    I am a new knitter, so my favorites are the simple dishcloth patterns.

  155. The infinity scarves are definitely my favorite.

  156. I LOVE the candy corn bowl!! So cute!!

  157. Lisa severino says

    I would really love to learn the toy mouse!

  158. this is an awesome giveaway and will come in handy

  159. Darlene Holte says

    I like the silly stuff, too – the Chicken Viking Hat is awesome!

  160. there are so many!. For knitting, I liked (and am making) the scarf with had warmers. I will be making one of the cat beds next

  161. My fav is the “Baby’s Lacey Shawl” by Shellie Wilson… very cute

  162. Hats of every kind!

  163. Dorothy Hunter-Talbot says

    I love all the letter cloth patterns it makes it easy to make cloths for all the grand children and the rest of the family 🙂

  164. Kelley Amos says

    I love the hats they are too freaking cute:-)

  165. Love the socks /hat/ gloves ect. And thank you for offering of free card for yarn!! Good luck everyone!

  166. Susan Warner says

    I like the candy corn bowl. I’m thinking about making one for each of my grandchildren and children for the holiday!

  167. Mittens!

  168. Elizabeth Lopez says

    I have had the hooded baby blanket pattern for the longest time just waiting for the next baby to come along!!!!!!!

  169. “Cabbage Patch” wig for sure!

  170. I’m just learning to kit so I would choose the dish cloth pattern! 😛

  171. My favorite is the collared shawl

  172. I love the cat beds!

  173. I am a new knitter and so working on something simple like the knitted scarf with hand pockets. Thank you so much for offering this contest 🙂

  174. We like the Storm Trooper hat and the Chicken Viking hat – silly helps when we have soooo much snow to shovel!

  175. I like the fuzzy pillow project.

  176. Christi King says

    I love the baby hats.

  177. I love the pumpkin hat!! So cute!!

  178. It is very hard to pick just 1 or 2 projects that I enjoy. I have ben crafting for about 35 years, so I have seen many items…But this site is fun. I do a variety of projects from wood to Styrofoam, wreath and much more…..Yhis is a great site. Thank you.

  179. I am a new knitter, but I love making the dish/wash cloths too.

  180. Jennifer Chestnut says

    My favorite project is the frog pond infant hat…its just too cute for words.

  181. Toy Mouse.

    Made some for my 3 cats. They loved them

  182. Olina Vanover says


  183. moniqueleigh says

    Since my husband collects penguins, of course my favorite pattern is the Knitted Penguin Pattern. I really do need to get on the ball and make him a few. 🙂 And at least one for my step-daughter. And then figure out a way to convert a slipper pattern to be penguin slippers since his old pair died a few years back…..

    Moni Troth

  184. I’m going to attempt the Beanie project.

  185. I seen the Chunky Knitted cap and gave the instructions to a good friend of mine. We had 4 babies born this year, 3 girls and a boy, she knitted all 4 of them these caps, boys didnt have the flower, and the parents loved them!!
    Thank you so much for posting this!!

  186. I loooooooove the Stormtrooper mask (hat) — it has thrilled many fans of the Dark Side. (And done in red one lucha libre fan!)

  187. My favorite is the Ipod/Mobile phone hoodie.
    It is so cute, I know I want to make one for myself and for my daughters!
    Sooooo cute and so practical!! :o)

  188. Brenda Adkins says

    I just love the dishcloth patterns!

  189. It is hard to beat an infinity scarf! I just can’t stop making them.

  190. Sharon Milner says

    I love the little teacup. It would be perfect for a nutcup for a women’s tea.

  191. One of mygood friends will be having her baby any time now, so I think right now the vintage knee high baby socks are my favorite pattern.

  192. Kathie Craig says

    I like the covered hanger projects. It reminds me of my Granny because she used to make these.

  193. Any project that makes my life easier, like dish cloths!

  194. I like the neck roll – ah, comfort!

  195. My favourite is the Hair Clip – Knitted Flower. It’s adorable!.

  196. Nicole Holubar says

    Captain America Placemat looks fun!

  197. My favorite knitting project would be something in baby clothes. I just adore how cute they come out.

  198. I started the Princess Baby Lacy Shawl a few days ago and I love how it is looking and I know my niece will too. My nephew’s wife is having a baby in July so I plan to make another one for their little boy too. Hope to make booties to match for both as well. Hats will come for them in the Fall…:-) Love WEBS…

  199. I love the tea cozy: Country House. I have adapted the pattern a bit, but it is adorable!

  200. I am working on a toddler size poncho right now and I love all your dishcloth projects.

  201. Corinne Anthony says

    I’ve made the knit stocking gift card holders as Christmas tree ornaments. Just stuff them with cotton balls and chain stitch a little loop for a hanger. Charming.

  202. Linda Mouat says

    Definitely the Toy Mouse. Love to make them for the shelter I volunteer at. 😉

  203. moonchild72248 says

    i think the silver cloak is gonna be my next project….

  204. I think the pattern for the Knitted Pocket Yellow Fireman is so cute and looks pretty simple! Thanks for the giveaway!

  205. Cynthia Maynard says

    Quick and Easy Slippers Knitted Baby

  206. My favorite knitting project would be prayer shawls to donate.

  207. I love the Charity Pattern: Adult Pattern Knitted Beanie. I would love to make a whole bunch of these to give away!

  208. I love the Ribbed Square Bedspread and plan to make one for the guest bedroom.

  209. I love the frog pond hat and so does my granddaughter

  210. Jadwiga Lenart says

    Just started scarf knitting. really addictive

  211. Suzan Sander says

    I love the Jersey Cushion I want to make 4 for my living room.

  212. Darcey Fitrakis says

    i would love it o do all kinds of scarfs and head bands for the homeless and could realy use it.

  213. While I am a fan of almost all the projects, knee high baby booties are my #2, my #1 favorite is the pumpkin bowl. I could see doing many of these and giving them as gifts, or using different colors to use for storage.

  214. Coat hanger tidy

  215. I loved the witchy tube top. I like the shawls too.

  216. I love the dish cloths patterns. They work great for presents for those who really don’t need anything.

  217. I love the Nylon Net Scrubbing Pads. My sisters & nieces love ce/dish cloths that I make for them at Christmas.
    Both are easy & economical projects that make great gifts. I also keep several for myself.

  218. laurel Beale says

    I love the little gift tag stockings. Think I could also use them for tree ornaments.

  219. Joanne Morris says

    Knitted Toy Snake! My daughter was born in the year of the snake 🙂

  220. Roberta Azoff says

    the baby shawl is adorable!

  221. Catherine Eidel says

    My favorite project is the Life Sized Owl; it’ adorable,

  222. Becky Sowell says

    I love the Mario and Princess scarf. It is adorable and the kids love it!!!!!!!!

  223. Judith Rachmani says

    My favourite project is the knitted sunflower cushion.

  224. I love all of your scarves! I would love to attempt the Mario and Princess scarf set.

  225. Michelle Banzaca says

    Made and love the Knitted Pumpkin Bowl Pattern!

  226. megan fraser says

    Ive got a line of orders for the Mario and Princess scarf!

  227. petejustpete says

    I love the iconography of stormtroopers, so I definitely want to try the stormtrooper mask beanie! It will be great for the Star Wars Convention in 2015!!

  228. carol williams says

    I don’t knit but I crochet. I love to make hats for cancer patients

  229. I LOVE the knit Storm Troopers hat!!

  230. Lorraine Brown says

    I like the ease of making the child’s hat-square beanie; I have made it for my baby grandson as well as making them for gifts and charity.

  231. Anick Lecordier says

    Definitely the felted pin cushion! Just my level!

  232. I like the knitted basket pattern. It’s so useful and I’ve made one or two in different sizes!

  233. I love it!

  234. My favorite knitting pattern is the key board purse.

  235. I would love to try my hand at the Knitted Stockings.

    Sarah Allen

  236. says

    My favorite project from your site is the Paw Print Dish Cloth. I have made two of these. Sandy H.

  237. Stephanie B. says

    my fave is the dish/washcloth patterns. What great giveaway!!

  238. The Knitted Drawstring Wrist Purse is my favorite! Love those colors.

  239. My favorite project to knit is the diagonal dishcloth…love those things!

  240. I love making market bags.

  241. Sandi Goodwin says

    My favorit knitted project so far has been the Candy Corn bowl–and I also made a Candy Corn hot pad! 🙂
    I love knitting–it is relaxing and rewarding and fun! 🙂

  242. cowls and hats.

  243. The baby lacy shawl … only I’d make it bigger. 🙂

  244. Scarves are my favorite accessory.

  245. I love the “Knitting & Beaded Christmas Ornaments” – maybe if I start now, I can finish some by next Christmas, LOL!

  246. I love the Woody dish cloth! He’s so cute. And since I’m fairly new to knitting, it was a great intro project.

  247. I think my favorite project is the Princess Baby Lacy Shawl, although the Autumn Wowza Scarf and all the stuffed toys are running a close second!

  248. Lucy Mae Evans says

    I really like the newborn hats

  249. I have knitted the Praying Hands dishcloth a couple of times for friends going through a hard time.

  250. Heather Cordova- My knitting group loves to make the quick and easy baby slippers. We donate them to the premies at the public hospital here in Dallas.

  251. I love the knitted totes made out of garbage bags! It’s a great way to recycle!

  252. celeste campbell says

    I love to knit shrugs; I designed a method that is super easy AND super chic. . It’s brainless, quick knitting, and I have made “shrugs” that serve as bed jackets, as well as made them out of fancy yarns for truly elegant evening wraps.

  253. Kristy Townsend says

    I love the Baby Twizzler Hat 🙂

  254. There are so many awesome patterns… I really, really like the Knitted Nearly Gloves. Thanks for the chance to win this amazing prize!!

  255. Nancy Richmond says

    The dish/washcloth patterns are great.

  256. Elena Tucker says

    I like the pumpkin bowl and the knit balls. I spent a lot of time in the Webs booth at Stitches West – it would be so fun to buy some of the yarn I kept eyeing there!

  257. Michelle Tolleson says

    I love scarves!

  258. Vanessa Welser says

    Definitely the frog dish cloth.

  259. Adore the Crochet Flower – Poppy 🙂

  260. Mario and Princess Knit Scarf – because Mario Brothers was my daughter’s favorite games and this would make a great birthday present for her.


  262. Knitted Pumpkin Bowl Pattern is my favorite! I use it all year!!!

  263. I absolutely love craftbits and would love to win the gift card to be able to buy yarn to crochet some premie outfits to donate to my friend

  264. Sheila Evans says

    The baby hats look great.

  265. My favorite project is fingerless gloves!

  266. Jamie Mullenix says

    The Mango Moon shrug is beautiful. I love the colors and it looks super cozy to wear.

  267. I stay busy making hats and mittens for my 3 grandsons. They lose them faster than I can make them.

  268. Jennifer Parliament says

    My favourite knitting project is dish cloths, they whip up quickly and are great to give as gifts!

  269. scarves…all sorts

  270. I love the quirky crochet patterns like the sock monkey purse or the skull pin!

  271. Captain America Placemat – fun

  272. Paula Wirfel says

    My favorite project is tatting lace collar.

  273. My favorite is the Captain America Placemat….
    Stella Whitney

  274. I love the Quick And Easy Knitted Baby Slippers. Great for a last minute gift

  275. My favorite project is the child’s Cabbage Patch Beanie. It is just too cute!

  276. My favourite knitting project is the
    “Baby Twizzler Poncho”

  277. I just started to crochet and I love every pattern I’ve tried so far!!!

  278. Babys Lacy Shawl – I have several great’s (nieces and nephews) and am constantly trying to keep up!

  279. Patricia Boyle says

    Knitted fluffy owl – my Peanut (cat) would love this.

  280. nice hobby… to past some time…and make some beautiful things

    • Bekkireese81108 says

      My all time favorite knitting project is the kids pudding hat !!!! I madrone for everyone of my kids and nieces and new phew thank you Craftbits for a amazing year full of awesome projects and the memories making them !!

  281. My favorite knitting projects is the dish/wash cloth patterns.

  282. lindarumsey says

    The Mario and Princess knit scarf is on my to-do list!

  283. Ruth Bousquet says

    My favorite knitting project is the Frog Pond Infant Hat.

  284. Toy mouse! Great for the cats!

  285. I love the dish/wash cloth patterns.
    Julia –

  286. these is a wonderful projects

  287. dorothy steffens says

    I love the baby shawls. I have 7 great grandchildren soon to be eight and they each have their own hand knitted baby blanket

  288. I love the scarves. Easy and have enjoyed making them with my grand daughter.

  289. I love the large knitted balls. My son is 3 with a severe verbal communication delay, but his eyes always light up when I give him a new ball to play with. It’s such a special way to connect with him and I love making them myself.

  290. Love the pumpkin hat.

  291. It looks adorable!

  292. i love the knitted storm trooper hat. I would love to see some more star wars themed items.

  293. Colleen James says

    Seamless Preemie and Newborn Pumpkin Hat is ideal for my needs, I make hats for the neo-natal unit at my hospital, the bubbies heads need a lot of warmth..these hats I make in all sorts of colours, the hospital is greatful and I would be greatful for the yarn..thanks 🙂

  294. cathe barron says

    I love the Baby’s Lacy Shawl…a keepsake that can be used for babies of many generations.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!