Willow Christmas Tree

Willow Christmas Tree

these Willow tree Christmas trees can either be placed in a vase for a table decoration, or as a large x-mas tree.

What you need

1 Willow branch
Gold spray paint.
Small red xmas balls, battery lights or Pom Poms


Paint parts of the branch lightly with paint.

Leave some wood bare.

Simply place on some small red balls (or whatever color) and voila!


  1. People pay BIG TIME BUCKS for these in stores. I make my own. Brilliant that you shared the idea. The ones that said they are mellow or plain have not a clue ….They are beautiful actually, even putting small Crystals all over the branches are beautiful, if you want the cheaper way, crush Rock Salt, use a spray adhesive, then glitter spray……..

  2. a bit… plain

  3. a little mellow…..

  4. TYouhis is a cute idea.

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