Wheat Heat Pack

Wheat Heat Pack

A corduroy , fleece or velour are perfect fabrics to use for heat packs as they are durable and soft on the skin.

What you need

Fabric 15 x 48cm’s or your desired size.
1 cup of Dried lavender

Sewing machine


Pin the 2 pieces of fabric together with the right sides facing. Sew around the edges leaving a 5 cm gap.

Pull the pillow through the gap, turning it the right way out. Use a knitting needle to help push out tight corners.

Fill the pillow 3/4 full with wheat and add the cup of dried lavender as you go.

Finish off by hand sewing the gap closed.

To use: Microwave for 2 minutes until hot or store in the freezer until cold for a cold pack.

Wheat can be bought in bulk from Animal Produce Stores. If you are giving these as a gift pop them into a organza bag for a decorative finish.


  1. wow. it is really appealing to the eye! If the wheat is heated in the microwave lots, does the wheat eventually crack and turn into dust?

  2. very helpful – thank you

  3. Thank you for your project info it was very helpful cheers

  4. Yay!!! I finally know what to do with all the old grain!!! For the people complaining about the wheat being wet, try drying it out more before you use it. All grain is tested for moisture content when it is sold to the grain elevators. You will need to dry it out more if it is too wet… you can air dry or roast it on LOW heat in the oven.

  5. I also have the same problem, ‘wet heat pack’ – what am I doing wrong? Any clues would be greatly appreciated, I’ve been using wheat in mine.

  6. I make wheat packs for a physiotherapy practice and a good idea I came up with is to stitch 4 baffles to stop the wheat dropping to one end. Everyone loves them! Thanks for the organza bag idea.


  7. very good idea, I love it !!

    I am in China, it’s starting cold here, will make one for our boy.
    Putting rice & chinese tea is one of the idea. I saw some pillow they put the tea inside.. and it smell reallyyyy Good…


  8. Please help me, I got my wheat from a produce store to make my heat pack but once heated it is so wet not damp/moist but wet how or what can I do to stop this as I want a dry heat pack not a wet one, thanks


  9. irishdreams says

    I have made these before and they work wonders on my neck heated! When I have a bad headache I put it in the freezer and lay it on my head where ever it hurts and you get instant relief. And when you make it you favorite color together with your favorite scent it calms and relaxes you.

  10. this is a great idea im doing this for a project at school and so im goin to use this thanks heaps!!!

  11. We actually had been given one of these, they are WONDERFUL! Thank you for putting up the directions.:)

  12. I am looking more for ice packs or cold packs then hot packs. Any suggestions?

  13. I filled mine with flax seed and stitched a piece of lace in between and put a little bit of pepeermint tea inside smells great also if you put a cup of water in the microwave with it it brings out the smell more and you get a moist heat instead of a dry

  14. I use rice in mine, which is very cheap. Also, I add some oatmeal, which makes them smell like oatmeal cookies when heated. Easy and inexpensive gifts!!!!

  15. I hear you can also use ground Flax Seed which gives a more sandy soft feel. Great idea!

  16. great, easy & affordable idea…thanks

  17. wish I had found this site yesterday I just spent $20 Aus
    on one for my daughter but figured we all need one in the family so I am making them

  18. always wanted one but to much money at the mall

  19. Fantastic idea! BUT please make sure that they are completely cold before reheating in the microwave as the wheat has been known to over- heat and catch fire. Elee

  20. I made a bunch of these as Christmas presents for my family but used rice instead of wheat. They make a great gift!

  21. Ahhh! The wheat holds the heat really well! I will have to try it in the freezer too…
    For a more finished look, I rounded my edges, and used two different colored fabrics, one on each side.

  22. I’ve seen these before, but i never knew what I could put in the middle without it catching on fire or something (I didn’t try it, I just assumed) Thanks! It turned out great!!

  23. rice works very well for these also. hand towels and dish towels are also excellent choices for the cover. i have used these for years on my neck and back and they are wonderful.

  24. very good instruction even for beginner you be in my favorities

  25. You can also try to find lavendar at herbal stores. There are a ton of websites too

  26. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    Wheat can be bought from Produce stores. Lavender from craft suppliers

  27. Whee do you buy the lavendar and wheat in large amounts?

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