Water Candle

Water Candle

Water and Candles? Yes, this is a fun way to get creative with your candle making and see where your imagination takes you!

What you need

Candle making supplies
(wax and wax dye)
Ready made taper candles
Large bucket of cold water
Heat proof or cloth gloves


Follow the Basic candle making instructions.

Add your chosen dyes to the wax.

Allow the wax to cool as much as possible without setting.

Place your gloves on and take your taper candle in your hand and submerge it into the bucket of water. You may need someone to help you at this stage.

Take your melted wax and pour it in and around your candle while keeping the taper candle submerged in water.

As the wax hits the water twirl the tapered candle to collect the layer’s of newly poured wax.

It may take some practice but once you have it mastered you can make these beautiful decorated candles.

Try adding different colors of wax for a bright water candle display.

Remember any wax left in the water can NOT be re-melted as it contains water and will cause a spitting effect on the heat and can cause burns.


  1. I enjoy candle making I can’t wait to try it. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Spitting effect on the heat? Are you using direct heat to melt your wax? That is a major fire hazard. you should only be using a double-boiler or a kitchen kettle with no exposed coil. You can melt wax that has water in it in one of these. The water just separates from the wax. Better yet let thew wax dry first, then melt it.

  3. i really love these, just trying to figure out a way to package them nicely so they dont get damaged, i think they’d make excellent birthday presents, when i did mine i used a spinning unit from one of those metal spiral decorations,

  4. This looks amazing! Love the colors and I couldn’t even dream of thinking of a craft this cool looking! Thx for this idea!
    -Kandle Kid

  5. This is a cute project. The candles remind me of flamenco dancers. ^_^

  6. I actually think this is a pretty interesting idea. The candles are definitelyunique and different from the ones you would find in a store.

    To the guest who complained about not being able to find candle making supplies, most craft stores I have been in carry a variety of supplies. I have found them in Michael’s, Joann’s, Hobby Lobby, etc. You can also find some inexpensive suppliers online.

  7. I expected it to be a candle floating on water that is why I dislike the idea plus you don’t find candle wax and wax dye in many places and shops. So that is why absoultly and utterly dislike this idea if you could find wax and wax dye in most shops it OK

  8. I love making these for my friends. I have lots of fun making these.

  9. Oh, and make sure the colors you use blend nicely together (orange and green will look pretty nasty unless you are really good at this technique. Also crayon wax doesn’t have the right body for this project spring for the real stuff

  10. The picture doesn’t do it justice. They are weird looking but pretty. To get a nicer shape you must have two people and you should get the water spinning in a nice vortex before pouring

  11. I Kinda like it but it kinda looks like cyote poo…but good try 🙂

  12. Takes a little practice and gets better with time…Awesome results..Thanks for the tip

  13. really unattractive

  14. well. it looks like fun but u really don’t know what it’ll look like till it’a done.

  15. awesome!I love it!

  16. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I think it’s really flippin’ awesome!!

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