Valentine’s Day Pencil: Quick Craft

Valentine’s Day Pencil: Quick Craft

This Valentines day craft is a great little project for kids of all ages. Its quick to make which makes it suitable for a quick classroom craft project.

What you need

Heart shapes either felt or cardstock
Jewelry wire
Assorted Beads


Take a length of wire and wrap it around the top of the pencil.

Thread on your beads and continue wrapping the wire down the pencil. Place the beads into position as you go.

Once you get to the bottom just wrap the wire around the pencil.

Place the hearts onto the top of the pencil using a dab of craft glue.

You can add extra embellishments like glitter, beads or sequins.

These pencils make great gifts for Valentine’s day and can be adapted to go around pens also.


  1. Super cute

  2. perfect gift to me.. hahaha

  3. I love it!

  4. I’m a mechanical pencil user, but i would use that valentine’s day pencil

  5. *VERY CUTE*

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