The Cake Mix Poem

The Cake Mix Poem

This craft project is great fun to make. I actually came up with the idea while seeing to the baby at 3 am one morning. Then Rita and I put together the poem below.

What you need

Packet of Cake mix
Small gift bag
printed poem


Simply add a packet of cake mix to the gift bag, keep it’s original packaging so the recipient can make the cake. If you use a boxed cake, write out the directions and include it in the bag.

—- Cake Mix Poem —-

I hope you will excuse me for giving you this bag,
I did the very best I could with the precious time I had,
I should have known from the start, the eggs fell through the shopping cart.
I set aside a day to bake, the only day I didn’t wake.
Then the flour fell off the shelf, not on the floor but on myself.
I tried again with no success with cake mix running down my dress.
I’ve given up! It’s yours to bake, I hope you enjoy it for goodness sake.

by Rita & Shellie Wilson
copyrighted to


  1. CUTE 🙂

  2. thats so good

  3. this is deadly 😀

  4. love this it is a great gift idea.

  5. This is sweet and wonderful, I’m making them for my Sister’s this yer for Christmas.
    kep up the good crafts.
    Diane Speir

  6. this is a really good idea, and very good!

  7. everyone is geting this for the xass gift thanks

  8. I’ve been looking for some gifts to make for the upcoming holiday season since funds are a little low and I think this is the perfect gift. I know people will enjoy getting these mixes as much as I will enjoy giving them.The poem is the perfect touch.

  9. I am going to use this for my aunt! Thanks so much!

  10. Great idea!

  11. GREAT!!!!!!

  12. This is a cute idea, and I am going to use this, for some friends.
    Thank you,

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