Tell The Time Learning Clock

Tell The Time Learning Clock

Telling time has never been so much fun! This simple idea makes a handy take-along activity to keep little hands and minds busy during road trips or in waiting rooms.

What you need

Several old CDs and their jewel cases
Dry erase markers


To make this hands-on, educational activity, you will start by leaving an old CD in its jewel case.

Then, using a dry erase marker, add numbers 1-12 to turn the CD into a clock face.

Remove the paper insert, trace it on a plain piece of paper and cut it to size.

Replace the insert with the blank paper. Make several slips of paper for each jewel case for repeated uses.

Tell The Time Game CD's

Tell The Time Game

This activity can now be used two ways.

On some of them, you will write a time on the paper in words or numbers, i.e.. 7 o’clock, or 7:00.

Then have your child draw clock hands on the CD with the dry erase marker to represent that time.

On others, you will draw the hands on the clock face with the dry erase marker and have your child identify the time in words on the paper.

Either way, you and your child will have lots of fun!


  1. This a “why didn’t I think of it”idea! Love it!

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