Table Centrepiece – Candy Cane Candle holder

Table Centrepiece – Candy Cane Candle holder

This quick craft project shows you how to make a festive Christmas table centerpiece.

What you need

Wrapped candy canes
Pillar Candle or Plastic Vase
Red Ribbon
Hot Glue Gun


Glue one candy cane to the side of the pillar candle leaving it in its wrapper.

The hook part of the cane should be facing down and out so that the arch of the hook is resting on the table at the base of the candle.

Glue the second cane directly opposite the first candy cane.

Continue gluing the canes around the candle till the candle is filled.

Place a little glue down the side of each cane so that it is stuck to the cane next to it. This will help the project all hold together.

Make sure that the candle is sitting flat on the table. If it isn’t you may need to try another cane or raise or lower the cane till it sits flat.

candy cane candle holder top

Once you have completed gluing the candy canes on, tie a ribbon or raffia around bottom of candy canes and it is finished.

You can also turn the canes the other way with the hooks at the top. This project looks great on small candles or candles that are taller than the canes.

Never leave burning candles unattended.


  1. My son and future daughter-in-law are getting married. Everything is peppermint and this is a simple project that will add a nice touch. Thanks

  2. this is pretty

  3. cute! only wouldnt the plastic on the candy canes melt when you burn the candle? What if you take the plastic off the candy canes, then it would melt the candy canes but it would smell 2x as good.

  4. Nice project. I have done before wrapped the candle with florist tape before glueing as the hot glue can melt the candle.

  5. So very cute perfect for my mom

  6. this project was a great idea for a center piece for my daughters sweet 16 party. it is a candy cane theme. thanks


  8. very very cute idea

  9. i think it would be cute in different coloered canes.

  10. The same idea can be used on the side of a jar to hold candy, treats, plant, or whatever.

  11. nice idea!!

  12. If you can find candy cane sticks without the hook it looks much better.

  13. i love it i think it is a great way to get the house to smell good and at a low cost.

  14. this looks cool I will try it! and there is a pic…

  15. It’d be ok for decorative purposes but I wouldn’t dare burn it

  16. Why would you put up any project without a picture?

  17. chinchilla_chilieboy says

    a good idea,but it needs a picture….

  18. Yes, I agree that a picture would have been nice

  19. DisneyDancer1986 says

    A pix would be nice, but I have a pretty good picture in my mind of what it could look like. =3

  20. Picture would be nice…

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