Super Mario iPhone Cozy Tutorial

Super Mario iPhone Cozy Tutorial

Here is a step by step tutorial on how you can make a Super Mario iPhone Cozy tutorial using the right color felt pieces and a sewing machine or needle and thread. If you want to adjust this to some other phone, you can do so by changing the dimensions when you do the cutting in Step 1.

What you need

Blue, Red, Yellow, White and Black Felt.
Sewing Machine or Needle and Thread.


Step 1. Cut 2 4” x 6” pieces of Red Felt. If you have something other than an iPhone, you might need to adjust the measurements.


Step 2. Download and Cut out the Super Mario Pattern (in PDF). Cut the pattern out of the blue, yellow, white and black felt.


Step 3. Pin the blue overalls to 1 of the 4” x 6” pieces of felt, and stitch them together, sewing along the edges of the overalls.


Step 4. Pin the 2 yellow circle to the overalls, and sew them together, stitching along the edges of the yellow circles.


Step 5: Pin the white circle to the middle of your overalls, and sew it down.


Step 6. Pin the black M onto the white circle, and sew them together.


Step 7: Place your 2 4”x6” pieces of felt right sides together, pin, and sew them together going along the 2 sides and the bottom. Leave the top unstitched!


Step 8. Remove any pins, and flip right side out. Trim threads.

Enjoy your new cozy for your phone!

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