Suitcase Travel Pillowcase

Suitcase Travel Pillowcase

Use this free Sewing pattern and sewing tutorial to Stitch up this pillowcase that looks like a suit case to take your pillow with you when you travel!

What you need

1 yd main Fabric, iron on Printable Fabric, Zipper, Freezer Paper, Sewing Machine, Ribbon


1. Cut your main fabric into  TWO 22″x32″ pieces. This fits my standard size pillow, but depending on the size of your pillow you may need to change it.

2.Take your zipper (make sure it fits the shorter side of your pillow case!) and place it on top of one of your fabric pieces, lining it up with the edge, with the right sides of the zipper and fabric together.

Stitch down the edge, sewing your zipper to your fabric.


3. Fold your zipper over and iron flat.




4. Place your zippered fabric piece right side down on top of your second piece. Right sides together, line the zipper edge up with the fabric edge. Stitch down, going through the zipper and 2nd fabric piece.



5. Open up your 2 pieces and iron flat.



6. Find some images of places you’ve been, or want to travel to online and print them out onto your printable/iron on fabric.



7. Cut the images out and iron them down onto the pillow case.


IMG_8260 IMG_8261

8. This step is optional as the images should be fairly well stuck with the iron glue, but if you want, you can applique the images down by using a zigzag stitch and sewing around them.



9. Cut TWO pieces of ribbon at 55″. place them on your pillowcase as pictured below, pin them and then stitch them down.



10. with your zipper half way open (so you can flip your pillowcase right side out later), Fold your pillowcase in half with the right sides together (inside out) make sure your straps are folded inside the pillowcase and stitch down the sides and bottom, sewing them closed.

11. Flip your pillowcase right side out by going through  the zipper opening. Iron flat.


IMG_8268 IMG_8275 suitcase pillowcase

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