Spring Sunflower Clothes Pin Wreath

Spring Sunflower Clothes Pin Wreath

This Springtime tutorial shows you how to make a Sunflower Wreath using clothespins

What you need


2 Packages of Dollar Tree clothespins

Dollar Tree Pizza Pan


Rope (I used some of the dollar tree nautical rope I had on hand)

Hot glue gun/ glue sticks

Boxwood bunch 

Sunflower bunch 

Black Spray Paint, Golden Sunset Spray paint





This DIY craft tutorial is perfect for those looking to add a touch of springtime to their home decor. The Spring Sunflower Clothes Pin Wreath is an easy and affordable project that can be completed using simple supplies from the Dollar Tree store.

The wreath is made using clothespins, a pizza pan, rope, and a variety of flowers such as sunflowers and boxwood. The clothespins are painted with a golden sunset spray paint and the pizza pan with a black spray paint to give it a rustic and country feel. The use of the clothespins adds an interesting and unique touch to the wreath and the sunflowers add a pop of color.

This wreath is perfect for hanging on a door, mantel or even as a table centerpiece. It is a great way to bring a touch of spring into your home and is a fun and easy project that can be completed in a few hours. This tutorial is easy to follow and will have you creating your own wreath in no time. So, gather your supplies and get ready to make your own Spring Sunflower Clothes Pin Wreath.


Spray paint the clothespins with the golden sunset spray paint and the pizza pan with the black spray paint (Allow for at least 30 minutes to dry depending on the humidity in your area. The clothespins took a while to dry) 

The easiest way is to peg them onto a piece of cardboard and rotate the cardboard around and flip it for the backside coat.

Next clip all of the clothespins to the pizza pan outer edge. I left a little bit of space in between the clothespins so they didn’t look bunched. You will have space remaining and this is where you will add the flowers.

Using your hot glue gun add some hot glue to the backside of the pizza pan and add the rope to make a hanger for the wreath

I just pulled off the 2 pieces of the boxwood I used from the bunch. Add some hot glue to the open section of the pizza pan and add the boxwood pieces and press firmly.

I used some wire cutters to cut off the bottom section of the sunflower bunch. Next, apply a decent amount of hot glue to the stem of the sunflower and the pizza pan and press down firmly.




  1. Sara Mitchell says

    I love it and can’t wait to try it!!!

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