Soda Can Pop Top Brooch Pins

Soda Can Pop Top Brooch Pins

These cute brooch-pins are made out of thrown away can tabs and buttons.

What you need

Can tab, buttons, Felt, scissor, black marker, pink highlighter and glue.


step (1)

Step-1: Cut out a small piece of felt according to the can tabs’ size. Attach the cut out felt on the back side of the tab with glue.

step (2)

Step-2: You will need 2 buttons to make each can tab doll. Select a button for the face. Draw a cute smiley face on it using black marker and pink highlighter to draw blushes.

step (3)

Step-3: The can tab usually have 2 holes on it. Attach the button with the face on the upper hole and any other button of your choice on the hole below it. Use glue to attach them and allow the glue to dry.

step (4)

Step-4: Simply attach a blank brooch-pin on the back of the can tab doll. Allow the glue to dry in case you’re using super glue or craft glue.

can tab brooch


They look cute right? Wear them and enjoy!


  1. Quick, easy and great for bunco gifts at holiday parties

  2. Too cute and easy to do. Thank you.

  3. Love your ideas

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