Santa’s Shopping List

Santa’s Shopping List

This free Christmas craft project shows you how to make a cut little Santa's shopping list to keep in your purse.

What you need

2 11×4 inch heavy weight scrapbook papers
assorted embellishments
Letter stickers
Craft glue


Mark down Christmas Gift lists or other Christmas organizing stuff.

Start by taking 2 pieces (different colors) of heavy weight paper or light cardstock and gluing them together to form a front and back for your shopping list.



Fold your cardstock in half and then fold each side in half again to form 4 folds as shown in the picture or measure and fold it equally in 4 folds as shown.

Trim one end to form the opening flap by cutting off the corners as shown. Next take your embellishments and decorate the front off your flap and the inside of your shopping list.

To create a clasp use a small piece of velcro on the flap. Alternatively you can use a ribbon or even a decorative elastic hair band to close it up.


Keep the list in your purse for all those secret shopping ideas.


  1. Brill all ya gals oughta try it

  2. this was ok

  3. Good Idea!I loved making it!

  4. Good Idea!I loved making it!

  5. great project for kids

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