Resin – Glitter Jewels Pendant

Resin – Glitter Jewels Pendant

This jewelry making tutorial shows you how to use resin to create a glitter resin pendant.

What you need

Measuring Tools
Disposable Mixing bowl or cup
Disposable tools
Suitable mold
Cooking Spray
Printed card or Paper design


This project shows you how to use printed card as an embedding material to create a beautiful pendant filled with glittery depth.

You will need a printed design to suit your pendant shape or mold, the piece I have used was bought from a scrapbooking store and is made using a chocolate mold.

Pour a thin layer of resin into your pendant suitable mold and allow it to set for around 1hour before placing your card piece into position. Use a plastic knife or tweezers to push the card piece into the mold making sure you don’t push it to hard so it hits the bottom or creates bubbles. Smooth it out as much as possible to push out any trapped air or you will create an air bubble right on your image.
Once you have placed the image, pour more resin on top so it it completely covered.

Then sprinkle in your glitter for a glittery dazzling effect.

For complete instructions on casting with resin read these basic resin casting techniques including tips and tricks on how to pour the resin into molds.

Here are our favorite supplies for using resin when casting:

Casting Resin
Disposable Mixing cups
Silicone resin molds
Items for Embedding

Once set, sand the back of the casting with some fine sandpaper to make it smooth before attaching it to your altered art project, pendant or bracelet.

To create a pendant simply drill a small hole and connect a jump ring, ribbon or chain.


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