Recycled Denim: Make a Gorgeous Gypsy Purse

Recycled Denim: Make a Gorgeous Gypsy Purse

With the help of this tutorial you can revamp an old denim purse into a gorgeous one in gypsy style. Check it out!

What you need

Vintage buttons, beads and confetti, Cutting pliers, Denim/ jeans purse, needle and thread, hot glue gun.



step (1)

Step-1: You will need a denim purse. You can use an old pair of jeans to make one or simply decorate an old denim purse if you have any. Collect or buy a gorgeous lace, mine was a beaded golden lace. Cut 2 pieces of lace according to the length of the purse and prepare needle with matching thread.

step (2)

Step-2: We’ll be attaching the lace on the top and the bottom of the purse. Simply stitch the lace with the purse as neatly as you can. Tie knots when you’re done stitching. Similarly stitch the other lace on the top part of the purse.

step (3)

Step-3: Prepare the buttons by cutting off their loops on the back, also collect a few beads confetti to fill empty gaps and to create more detailed design.

step (4)


Step-4: After stitching the laces you can start attaching the buttons. Simply attach the buttons on the purse with hot glue. Try to create a nice pattern and fill the empty spaces with beads and confetti. Design the purse as you want. Once you’re done designing, the purse will be ready to use. Enjoy!


  1. Oooohhh j’adore, très joli, superbe ! many thanks et belle journée !

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