Dry Twig Christmas Tree Decor

Dry Twig Christmas Tree Decor

Make something eco-friendly for this Christmas! This project can be a great and fun project to try out with the kids. Using dry twigs this tree will be a great decoration item.

What you need

• Dry twigs
• Craft wire and pliers
• Beads, ornaments, decoration supplies
• Hotglue gun


Step-1: Collect dry twigs of different sizes, make sure that the twigs aren’t too fragile. You’ll need to prepare the twigs to create a Christmas tree pattern as shown in this picture.

Step-2: Use 3 pieces of twigs to secure the main body twigs on their places. I used hotglue gun to attach them. Once you’re done gluing all the twig pieces turn the twin tree pattern to the other side. We’ll decorate this side of the twig tree.

Step-4: Use colourful faux pearl beads, crystal beads, buttons, glitter, confetti for decoration. Once you’re done decorating attach a hanging mechanism at the back side.



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