Quick Christmas Napkin Holders

Quick Christmas Napkin Holders

Make these quick and elegant looking Christmas napkin rings using toilet roll inserts. They are ideal for a last minute Christmas craft.

What you need

Empty toilet rolls
Silver spray paint
Silver decorative bows


Start by cutting your toilet roll into 3 sections to make 3 rings.

Use the spray paint to coat the rings with a generous layer of paint and allow to dry.

Add the bows with some clear craft glue. Glue on any other decorations you have chosen to use.

This can also be done by covering the cardboard ring with Christmas cloth or Christmas ribbon.

These are so quick to make that they are great for large gatherings and add a nice personal touch.


  1. A great, quick and simple idea for napkin rings with lots of opportunities for decorating a 100 different, unique ways, the possibilities are endless. I like! And for all those bah humbuggers out there – stop being such snobs. Either spraypaint the inside as well or cover with pretty wrapping paper or material, use your imaginations. Or go out and buy some from a store.

  2. thanx this hElps alot!

  3. no matter what they are made of, they can be pretty if done right nobody would know whats inside.good beginners project.its for christmas for petes sake.

  4. I used spray adhesive and material making sure the material covered the inside and outside. I purchased premade beautiful miniature bows and attached them. These turned out so cute. On another batch I attached big fake gems for a different look. For a birthday party I used birthday wrap and lots and lots of curled ribbon and attached it. It was fun, festive , and the exact color scheme needed. Fun, fun, fun!

  5. this looks tacky!

  6. I haven’t tried this yet, but there are so many ways you could make these look beautiful! They would also make a nice hostess gift for a holiday party

  7. you call this elegant when it’s made out of a toilet roll? Gross

  8. you can also use empty paper towel rolls if you have thinner cloth napkins!

  9. what a great idea for all beginner crafters know matter what the age level.

  10. a little creepy-
    dont tell your guests where they came from!

  11. This craft is quick and easy, and everyone can do it!!!

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