Napkin Holder – Paper Doll

Napkin Holder – Paper Doll

This free Christmas craft project shows you how to make a individual napkin holder for your holiday table setting.

What you need

Christmas Paper or Christmas Fabric
Craft Glue


Print and cut out the people pattern. You should enlarge this pattern by 50% but you can make it any size you wish.

Use the pattern as a template to cut out the shape from cardboard. Using recycled cereal boxes is a great idea for this project.

Whilst the template is flat, glue on your Christmas wrapping paper or Christmas fabric to cover the cardboard.

Using the pattern diagram make your slits and cut lines for folding.

Tuck the left side of the arc into the right side as shown in the photo. This forms the pocket at the back to place the napkin into.

An alternative to fabric or Christmas paper, you can paint these with cardboard stars or decorate them with glitters and stickers!

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