Mordiford Wheat Weaving

Mordiford Wheat Weaving

The traditional heart-shaped "corn dolly" is a classic in England's Mordiford area. These beautiful wheat sculptures were originally designed to encourage a good harvest, but today you can make one to bring good luck and beauty to your home.

What you need

50-60 Wheat straws
Large pan or a wallpaper trough, large enough to soak the wheat
Large bath towel, dampened and wrung out
Beige carpet thread
Enough wired ribbon to make a bow


You can use wheat stalks from a craft store or from a local farm field if you have one nearby. Of course, always ask the farmer before helping yourself to even a few stalks of wheat.

1.    Start by preparing the wheat straws, discarding everything after the second joint. Remove the sheath so that you have a clean straight stalk.

2.    Place the wheat straws in warm water and soak for about 30 minutes until pliable. Then, drain and wrap the straws in a damp bath towel to keep them moist until you use them.

3.    Start by counting out 18 straws. Tie the straws tightly together just below the wheat heads with carpet thread. Divide the straws into three groups of six straws each, and braid them together  until you reach the ends. Tie again with carpet thread to secure, leaving about an inch of unbraided straw at the end. Trim the ends so that they are even.

4.    Make a second braid using the exact same method as in Step 3.

5.    Position both braids so that the cut ends are together. Wrap the two braids together securely at the ends with carpet thread. Then, carefully bend both braids down so that a heart shape is formed. Tie the two braids together at the bottom. Fan out the wheat heads in an attractive manner, taking care not to break the straws.

6.    Take 5 more wheat straws and tie them together just below the heads with carpet thread. Trim the straw ends so that there is approximately 4 inches of straw under the tied heads. Use thread to tie this bundle in a heads-up position to the heart shape.

7.    Form a bow from the wired ribbon. Attach to the heart shape just above the area where the bottom wheat heads fan out.

8.    Tie a small loop onto the back of the wheat weaving as a hanger. Then, you can hang the Mordiford Wheat Weaving anywhere you desire in your home to add good luck and charm.

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