Lick and Stick Gum

Lick and Stick Gum

Using gelatin, peppermint and water, make your own lick and stick gum!

What you need

4 Envelopes (15g each)of Unflavored gelatin
2 cups Water
1 Tsp peppermint extract


Mix the gelatin and the water together in a pan.

Heat the mix over a medium heat until the gelatin is dissolved.

Add the peppermint extract and let the mix cool.

Paint a thin layer onto the back of any picture, envelope and let it dry.

When ready to use lick and stick.


  1. it is kinda cool i guess

  2. it is quick and easy and my kids loved it

  3. So cute and SOOOOO awesome! Tnx

  4. what a great way to make stickers for kids out of old mags thanks

  5. yummy

  6. why not use glue instead of all the work?!?!?

  7. cant wait to try this as a cardmaker this sounds fab

  8. Where do you buy gelatin?

  9. nightcrafter says

    Never heard of this way before. I have always used the vinegar and glue mix to make stickers. This sounds so much more tasty.

  10. pretty easy and minty, you’d have to be a slow poke to say this takes too much time. or just lazy

  11. sweet! and to the person below, you are a troll who obviously has TOO much time on your hands dissing a helpful project. Not all of us likes licking plain adhesive like you do. >_>

  12. Why? Talk about having to much time on your hands.

  13. Wow, tastes much nicer than commercial envelopes. Well done! 🙂

  14. can’t wait to make it it sounds good

  15. balletgirl says

    cant wait to make it!

  16. Nevr herd of it sounds…. interesting

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