Knot An Angel

Knot An Angel

This Valentine's day craft project shows you how to make a simple angel using cord for the perfect little gift or a card embellishment.

What you need

25 Cm’s of thick rope or cord
Ready made angel wings
Felt pens for drawing the face
Craft hair


Take your length of cord and tie a large not at one end.

The knot will form the angels head. Fray out the bottom section to form the angels dress as above in picture.

Using your felt pens draw on or paint the face onto the knot section of the angel (her head).

Using some craft glue attach the wings to the back of the angel and allow to dry.

Place some glue around the top of the knot and glue on your angles hair.

Glue on a ribbon loop for hanging to the middle of her back.

All done!


  1. Am an angel addict, this one will be an ornament or package tie this Christmas for sure

  2. It would be cute added with a homemade card that says “I’d be a devil if I told you that you’re “KNOT” my angel!”

  3. Thanks from an angel junkie that has had a stroke and can only use one hand. I CAN MAKE THIS for friends at Christmas. I have made angels for friends and family since 1963 and it is difficult to find something I can handle. This is my angel for 2008!

  4. it doesn’t really stand out to me..but mabye to others..yeah..i don’t want to say anything mean so im just saying its not a real OMG i need to make one…but thats just me.

  5. thx for the new and the good thengs

  6. Jamie1494 says


  7. This would go perfect withg the Gaurdian angel care kit!! Cute!

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