Hot Fudge Sundae Candle

Hot Fudge Sundae Candle

A simple way to make a hot fudge sundae candle.

What you need

1 pound of (450g)140 MP wax
1 level tsp of Vybar 103 per pound of wax
1 ounce vanilla scent oil (ice cream portion only)
Dye as needed
Glass Bowl


1. When using chocolate molds the plastic will distort if poured hotter than 165 degrees F. Supporting the mold in a tray of sand will help prevent damage to the mold as well. 2. Pour the ice cream scoops with vanilla scented wax. Pour enough scoops for your bowl.

3. A heated wire was used to make the wick holes in the ice cream scoops. Alternatively, you could drill the holes with a small drill bit. 4. The heated wire is pushed through from the bottom.

5. Insert tabbed wicks into the wick holes. 6. This photo shows the alternate method of drilling the wick holes.

7. Pour some vanilla scented wax into your bowl. Allow it to cool. 8. While waiting for wax to cool, prepare a small amount of red wax to make the cherry.

9. When the red wax begins to solidify, use a melon ball tool or your fingers to shape a cherry. 10. Allow the cherry to cool.

11. Once the wax in the bowl has cooled, pour a thin layer of vanilla wax and position your ice cream scoops. 12. Use a knife to shave the “chopped nuts” from a suitably colored block of wax. Set this aside for later.

13. Use a lot of brown dye to create some hot fudge. Drip this on with a spoon or metal baster. 14. Immediately sprinkle on the nuts prepared in step 12 before the fudge wax starts to set.

15. Press the cherry in place. Optional (not shown) – Whipped wax could be added here to impart a whipped cream look. 16. Trim the wicks to 1/4 inch.

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