Heat Embossing With Craft Stamps

Heat Embossing With Craft Stamps

What this technique you can make raised and shiny stamped images.

What you need

Ink pad
Embossing powder
Heat gun or Hair dryer


Ink the stamp and stamp it onto your project.

While the ink is still wet sprinkle the embossing powder over it.

Tap the excess powder off your project and carefully pour it back into your container as it can be re-used.

Preheat the heat gun for a few seconds and holding it around 4 inches away from your project hold it above the powder to melt it into your design for around 10-15 seconds.

It will melt, rise up and become shiny.

Allow the stamp to cool before touching it, as it will be hot.


  1. Use the hairdryer UNDERNEATH the paper……….See, HEAT but NO BLOW! Geddit?

  2. I am new to the embossing project world and tried to save money by using a hair dryer. It does NOT work. At least for me. The hair dryer did not dry the powder enough and if you touch the image, powder comes off. I am going to refrain from using a toaster so I recommend just getting the heating gun.

  3. cool

  4. awesome.. and hair dryers just make a mess

  5. Lets clear things up here. A heat gun is ideal but a toaster will do.
    The main difference between a hair dryer and a heat gun is that a hair dryer BLOWS heat where a heat gun just emits heat. The blowing from the hair dryer tends to make a mess. 🙂

  6. an iron on low/no steam setting can work (it’s slow) to be hands free I put the iron handle down in a loaf pan

  7. a toaster worked!!!
    simple & nice! Thanks!

  8. I tried the toaster and it totally worked! I’m so glad I googled and found this site!

  9. The instructions are good but i really advise investing in a really good heat gun. You can use it for so many other crafts as well. it is true that a toaster will work though. It just takes longer.

  10. you can use a hair dryer but you have to use it on the oposite of the stamp and embossing powder. you can also use a toaster in the same maner as the hair dryer. just heat up the toaser and hold the paper stamp side up over the toaster.

  11. I’ve used both kinds of dryers. The heat gun does seem to work better, for me anyhow. LLMcD

  12. Actually NO, a hair dryer will work.

  13. Right. The instructions are good, but a blow drier will not work. A heat gun is the only tool you can use.

  14. A hairdryer blows the embossing powder around. Mine di @ low heat.

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