Hand Stamped Coaster Tiles

Hand Stamped Coaster Tiles

Stamped tile coasters are easy, once you know how.

What you need

Rubber stamps
Italian marble 4×4 tiles
Stazon or Hybrid Palette ink pads
Brilliance ink pads
Heat gun
cork or sticky felt rounds


Tile Stamping

Use 4 x 4 distressed looking tumbled tiles, Italian marble. You can get them at Home Depot or Lowes, 9 in a box for $6.00.

Wipe the tile off.

Using any stamp that pleases you, stamp the image using StazOn black or Hybrid Palette Noir ink. (Vintage sets, floral, or animals look the best to me.)

Heat set with your heat gun or let ink dry completely. (Actually, I’ve learned that letting them sit over night is best, but if you can’t, heat set them really well.)

Color the image in with Brilliance ink pads, blending as you like with Q-tips and your finger. You might want to blend some StazOn, Palette, or Brilliance color around the edges to make the tile look more antiqued.

Bake tiles at 350 for 20- 30mins. This renders them totally fade proof. You do not have to seal them.

If you’re going to use them as coasters, be sure to put little sticky felt rounds or cork squares on the bottom corners,

And you really need the Stazon stamp cleaner if you want to get this ink off your stamps!!

That’s it!! Have fun.

What you need

Glass tile or Glass slide (Available from jewelry making stockists)
Clear drying Craft Glue/Diamond Glaze/modge podge/Aleenes clear tacky glue
Scissors or Blade
Twitter Image below
Aanraku Bail


This free jewelry making project shows you how to make a glass tile or glass slide pendant using a twitter image and some basic jewelry making supplies.

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Take your twitter image (printable image below) and cut it to size to match your glass tile that will become your pendant, it should be 1-2 mm smaller than the glass tile. This allows the glue to seal around the edges.

Start by taking your image and sealing it with a thin coat of clear drying craft glue, such as modge podge or PVA glue. You can also use a spray sealer if you have it on hand. This seals the image ink and prevents any color bleeds later on.

Once your image has been sealed, you can glue it onto the glass tile/slide.

Cover the glass tile in a coat of glue and gently place the image down onto the tile.
Press the paper image down in the centre and work your way out to the edges. This allows any air bubbles to escape to the edges.

Once the image is flat against the tile apply firm pressure and make sure all the edges are well stuck down.
Finish it off by placing a little more glue on top of the paper (the back of the image) to seal the back of the pendant. Make sure the glue seals all the edges. If you are using modge podge or glue then give it 3-4 coats at least allowing it to dry between coats as this will SEAL it better. If you are using Diamond glaze or other glass like resin products then 1 thick coat is enough.

You can wipe off any excess glue from the tile using a damp cloth. You can gently sand any rough edges or any blobs of glue off once it is dry.

Finish off the twitter pendant by gluing on your aanraku bail with strong craft glue or E6000 Glue.

Glass tiles can be bought from most jewelry making supply stores online. You can also use glass slides used for science.

Try adding beads for a retro variation.


  1. I love this project, I just finished making the coasters and can’t wait to try them.

  2. Can I use fabric markers to color them in then just use my heat tool to set the image?

  3. this was an awesome idea

  4. I actually just completed a set of asia inspired tile coasters last week. I ended up using shiny ceramic tiles, sealing them and attaching cork to the entire back. I like this method a lot better and I think I’m going to have to make more using this idea. Thank you!!!

  5. This is such a wonderful idea. I have been searching for DIY ideas for hours! My male friend is moving into his first apartment and i didn’t want to insult him by making him a care package of stuff i thought he’d forget:) This is the perfect idea b/c i can make it relavent to him and i can really put some of me in it:) thank you

  6. Thats really cool!

  7. I have done this craft with smaller tiles and we turned them into magnets. Just use the thicker round magnets and hot glue them on. It’s a cute way to decorate your kitchen fridge!

  8. Exactly the instructions I was searching for. Will try making them asap.

  9. I used acrylic paints and permanent markers then sealed it with acrylic spray. Great Craft

  10. This is great! I can’t imagine that suction would happen, because the tile will be heavier! Just a thought. If it is a problem – shake a little salt on them before using them – the salt sits between the bottom of the glass and yourcoaster-walla no suction

  11. Great craft! We’re doing a fundraiser and this will help out alot.

  12. Great! Gorgeous!!

  13. I actually think I might be able to do this!

  14. All I was looking for to do it right. thanks.

  15. The suction is created when a little moisture gets onto the bottom of your cup. Iam pretty sure they would still suction as the tile is still non porus making the water pool.

  16. So so so cute! I have to make them, but one question: do these suction themselves to your glass like other coasters? Just making myself aware to prevent an accident! =)

  17. where do i bake them in a regular oven?

  18. Lovein’ them!

  19. I really like this craft,you did a great job.

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