Halloween Witches Hand

Halloween Witches Hand

These ghoulish witches hands are great for giving to trick or treaters on Halloween night.

What you need

Plastic Gloves
Candy Corn


The hardest time we had was finding the clear plastic gloves. They are the kind that are used for serving food or putting on hair color.

Put a Candy Corn in the tip of each finger of the glove for fingernails.

Put some popcorn into the glove and work it into the fingers. You may have to crush the corn a little bit to get them to fill up.

Fill the rest of the glove with popcorn. Pack it pretty tight so it will keep its shape.

Tie off the wrist end of the glove with a piece of ribbon or twist tie.

We put a plastic spider ring on one of the fingers to make it a little more scary.

You can set these witches hands around the house at a party or pass them out as treats. The trick or treaters will love them.

This craft project submitted by Ken and Marilyn at www.RunnerDuck.com 


  1. Simple easy fun and tasty! Love these, gave them out as treats a couple years. Also made them in class the kids loved them!

  2. creative with a hilarious touch to it

  3. This was a hit with my grandkids so my dau made one for each one in his class. He had his important day with the other kids!!!

  4. This is something very new and different, I’ll have to try it this year! 🙂

  5. creative, economical, and fun!

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