Googly Eye Card

Googly Eye Card

A creative card for Valentine's day but also provides sensory therapy.

What you need

2 googly eyes
Exacto knife
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Elmer’s Glue
2 heart sequins
1 blank white card.
1 foot of each red and blue string
Pink and blue glitter


Hot glue down your googly eyes about three quarters up the card on both the left and the right side.

Start creating the faces by first hot gluing the two pieces of string to the top of the card. Then carefully draw a line of hot glue an inch at a time and push each string into the glue.

When you reach the bottom of the card, cut off any excess string.

Spread Elmer’s evenly to the left of the red string and around the left googly eye.

Use as little glue as possible to keep the card from buckling.

Sprinkle on the pink glitter and tap off the excess.

Repeat this step for the right side with the blue glitter.

Wait approximately 20 minutes for the Elmer’s to dry and you’ll have a creative Valentine Kiss Card.


  1. I gotta make it it’s on my list

  2. hmmm nice but i have so many easy ideas soon i`ll share them when i`ll be free from studies.

  3. It’s so cute! My friends birthday is coming up and I’ve got to make this for her card!

  4. raspberryjell-o says


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