Go Fish Learning Activity

Go Fish Learning Activity

This activity is an old time favorite and is a great activity for young and old. It is suitable for theme days as well as awarding prizes for the "most caught fish" for fun days or fetes.

What you need

Recycled plastic milk cartons Bamboo garden stakes or thin branches
Fridge magnets
Paper clips
Container for water
Fishing line or string.


Take your milk cartons and using the sides of the cartons cut them into fish like shapes. You can create a variety of fish sizes to insure you get the most out of each milk carton.

If you have time get more creative and add tails and fins to the fish by using colored plastic bags and attaching them using water proof glue or by simply tying them on to the fish shape.

Take a paper clip and place it onto the nose end of each fish. Attach a length of string or fishing line to each garden stake or branch and tie on your magnet to act as the hook.

Now your fish and fishing poles are ready, fill the play pool or large container with water and place your fish inside. Have your group stand around the pool and go fish.

To make other water creatures, use small plastic bags for jelly fish or add some toy animals like crabs from toy stores.

Bamboo garden stakes can be bought from hardware stores and are very inexpensive.


  1. Love, love, love, love, love this idea!

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