Gift Basket Idea – Gourmet Coffee

Gift Basket Idea – Gourmet Coffee

This is a wonderful gift basket idea for a wedding or engagement, birthday, mother's or father's day gifts.

What you need

Gourmet coffee beans
Coffee Mugs
Flavoured Creams
Coffee flavoured Sweets
Coffee Grinder or percolator
Biscuits suitable for coffee
Decorative teaspoons
Brown Sugar sachets


Quite a lot of people love coffee these days so here is a wonderful basket idea.

Purchase Gourmet coffee beans from a coffee shop. Buy them in bulk if you like and bag them up in small plastic bags with handmade tags or purchase prepackaged coffee beans from a supermarket.

Line the basket with some fabric, or a place mat.

Finally, fill the basket with some or all of the above suggestions and you have a great gift basket for the coffee lover!


  1. its okay..
    idk when 2 use it really

  2. i know I would want to recieve this…

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