Flower Flip Flops {Patriotic Colors}

Flower Flip Flops {Patriotic Colors}

A fun way to turn flip flops into girly 4th of July fun!

What you need

Red, White or Blue Flip Flops {We bought at local craft store}
Red White or Blue Fake Flowers One for each flip flop
Patriotic Ribbon {We used blue and red glitter}
Glue Gun


  1. Gather your materials and heat up your glue gun.
    FLip Materials
  2. Measure your chosen ribbon to the length of one side of a flip flop strap. Cut strip, and make three more to cover each strap side. Measure
  3. Apply a small strip of glue to one side of the flip flop and place the ribbon directly onto the  middle of the strap. Do this for each side of the flip flops.
    Flip Glueribbon
  4. Cut your flower stem off and pull plastic piece off bottom of flower top. Apply a large amount of glue to middle of the flip flop strap. This is where your flower top will go.
    center glue
  5. Immediately place flower onto center of glue and press firmly for about a minute to secure. Flower Press
  6. Once all of your flowers have dried and are secure, put your flip flops on and dance around! You now look great for the 4th of July! flipflop finalflipfinalnotitle

What do you think of this project? Let us know!