Fishing Chopping Board

Fishing Chopping Board

Dad's or fishing nuts will love this chopping board that's so easy to make its suitable for all ages.

What you need

Wood Chopping Board
Fish Decals or paper cutouts
White Craft Glue


Recycle an old one from the kitchen that has been cleaned in bleach (adults supervision required).

Or use a new chopping board that is ready to work with.

I used decoupage paper that contained fish and sea shapes but you could get the pictures from fishing magazine, old books or even fish gift wrap.

Using the white glue (which dries clear) or modgepodge cut out and stick down your fish shapes in a random design.

Allow these cutouts to dry and then coat the whole board with varnish. Allow the board to dry in between each coat.

The more coats you apply the longer and more durable this chopping board will be.


  1. I have a cutting board with a picture painted on it that was a gift but I just use the back. Neat idea!!

  2. Great idea! alot of people i know love to fish, so this would be a lovely gift. And guest who said something about scratching of the knives…its a cutting board! you get scratches on a cutting board all the time!

  3. hmm – lovely idea but a devil to keep clean, I shouldn’t wonder and what about scratching and KNIVES?!

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