Felt Christmas Stacking Tree

Felt Christmas Stacking Tree

The wool felt Christmas stacking tree is strong enough to stand alone, as a cute holiday display. Or you might want to go one step further and add a tree "trunk" and base.

What you need

Wool Felt
Needle & Thread
Layered Tree Pattern


I printed out five pages of this Christmas tree template and divided it into five sections or layers.

I cut one layer from each page and trimmed the bottom edge with freehand scallops

I placed the layers on a 12×12 piece of wool felt I got at Michaels.

Unlike crafting felt, wool felt is nice and thick. All the pieces will fit on the square fabric if you lay the patterns on the straight edges of the wool felt.

After cutting out the layers, fold each layer in half with right sides together, matching edges and scallops. Whip stitch along edge with a needle and thread. Turn inside out. And repeat for next four layers.

You can stack them on top of each other, starting with the largest on the bottom, lining up the seams in the back.

I decorated the scallops with silver glitter glue.

All done!


  1. i love to make this projects

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