Faux Bread Baskets

Faux Bread Baskets

This quick craft project shows you how to make faux bread buns. These were very popular when dried flower arrangements were all the rage.

What you need

Bread Buns in various shapes
Clear Varnish


You can create stunning gift baskets and centerpieces with this bread baskets or make a realistic display for your kitchen bench top.

Start by collecting a nice variety of bread buns from wholemeal, linseed and even French sticks and bagels.

Next time your bread is too stale to eat you can make these bread baskets and recycle the bread into something crafty.

For this project the bread needs to be stale, but to prevent it from going moldy whilst making it, it needs to be kept dry.

To do this you can make the buns stale by microwaving the moisture out of them. Place them in the microwave one bun at a time on high for 20 seconds. Keep doing this in 20 second intervals until the bread sounds hollow when you tap it and it will feel very light.

Alternatively you can make the bread stale by baking it in an oven on a very low setting.

Make sure you check the buns/bread often to prevent it from burning.

Once your bread is stale take your clear varnish and coat the buns, keep doing this until the bread has 4-5 thick coats of varnish on it.

The reason you coat it so many times is to make it Bug and Ant proof. This bread will last for years if well coated.

Finally arrange your bread/buns in a basket or on a bread board.


  1. This was so helpful. I had no idea how simple this was to make and so inexpensive!!! Now I have the ideal basked to display in my kitchen with my miniature chef pictures. Thank you so much.


  2. cant you make you know those bread keychains which feel and smell like real bread?
    cant you create those? 😀

  3. thanks so much! I was going to use clear spray paint on mine. I think the varnish idea is better.

  4. just what I was looking for to redo my Kitchen baskets

  5. I have been searching all over the web for information on how to do this. THANK YOU! This is perfect!

  6. i remember when my mom bought some at a craft fair!

  7. Couldnt find it anywhere else!!!! Looked and looked. Finally found you! 🙂

  8. I think it would be easier to tear up the bread for birds and just use realistic looking fake bread you can buy at craft stores like Michael’s or Hobbby Lobby.

  9. Great idea, looking forward to making it.. stale is the best way to go.

  10. Good idea, but best for old, stale or almost molding bread that would be thrown away.

  11. it really is a waste to food!

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