Double – Sided headbands

Double – Sided headbands

A 2 step way to make double sided headbands!

What you need

2 different color 1×13 in. ribbon (try to go with the same color scheme)
Thin elastic about 5 in of it.
and matching thread


Step 1. Start with placing the ribbon together  and adding the elastic to the end.

Step 2. Then all you have to do is sew all around as close to the edge as you can.

REMEMBER to reverse stitch!

This can take about 3 min. and you could do three in about ten minutes. It is so simple and even if you are not a professional seamstress you can make a gift for your nieces or your granddaughters can wear or even if you are younger you can make it for your friends!


  1. i love this!!!!!! im young, so this is perfect!! im going to make these for my 7 yr old cuzins bdays!!!!!!!!!! they will love them. If you dont have ribbon on hand, fabric works just as well!!!!!!

  2. It is a nice simple design, easy to make and affective… verry good!

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