DIY Pottery Barn Dupe Candle Holders

DIY Pottery Barn Dupe Candle Holders

This craft project shows you how to tame basic supplies and turn them into a high-end dupe for Anthropologie pottery barn -inspired candle holders.

What you need

One Floral Foam Cone– Dollar Tree (should be about 6 inches)

One small foam cone- Dollar Tre (my dollar tree had them but I know Hobby Lobby also carries them)

Gold Metallic Spray Paint

Hot Glue Gun

Dollar Tree small glass bowls (these are dessert bowls and come in a pack of 4)



Apply a generous quantity of hot glue to the top of the cone (the large one was flat on top, but I had to take the top point off the mini one to make it flat), and then set the small glass bowl on top.

Press hard to ensure that it adheres. I held it for approximately a minute to ensure it was secure.

Spray paint it gently in a well-ventilated location. If you spray paint too vigorously, the Styrofoam will melt. I applied two light layers and let them dry. I did it outside on a day with a low breeze, keeping the spray paint can at least a foot away from the cone to avoid melting it.  The foam gives the candle holder a textured hammered metal effect for the base.

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