DIY Monster Bath Towels

DIY Monster Bath Towels

Create these monster face bath towels to make bath time more fun! Easy to make and fun for the kids.

What you need

Hand Towels/wash clothes
Sewing Machine


1.  Gather your towels, you can use multiple colors, or just one.


2. From felt cut out 2 white ovals 2″ tall and 2 1″ black circles. These are the eyes. Place the black circles over the white ovals to make the eyes and place them in the corner of your towel.


3.  Cut out a mouth (half a circle) that is about 4″ wide from black felt. Cut out 2 white felt triangles for the teeth and a small half circle from red felt for a tongue.  Place them where you want the face on your towel.


4. Pin them down and use your sewing machine to stitch around the edges of the felt pieces, sewing them down onto the towel.

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It is as easy as that! This project could be adapted to make all sorts of fun towels!

What do you think of this project? Let us know!