DIY Colorful Wooden Beaded Keyrings

DIY Colorful Wooden Beaded Keyrings

This tutorial will show you how to make these cute and colorful keyrings in just 3 easy steps. It requires only 2 supplies. Check it out!

What you need

Leather thread or strip and colorful wooden beads. (free project)


step (2)

Step (1): Cut the leather thread or strip, around 6-8 inches should work. Fold the leather strip into half. Tie a small knot near the closed end, make sure to keep a loop.

step (3)

Step (2): Start beading the strip through the open end. Do not fill the whole strip with beads, keep enough strip to create another knot at the end.

step (4)

Step (3): Tie another knot at the end after you’re done beading. The knot should be adjacent to the last bead. Done! Attach them to your key ring through the loops. Enjoy!


  1. I love it!! Simple to make and super cute to have!! Thank you!

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