Decorative Farmhouse Up-cycled Bottles

Decorative Farmhouse Up-cycled Bottles

This craft tutorial shows you how to decorate glass bottles from the Dollar Tree or upcycled bottles to create a Farmhouse decoration.

What you need

Chalk Paint
Glass Bottles
E6000 Glue
Flowers, lettering and other embellishments


For this tutorial you will need recycled glass bottles,  these ones are from the Dollar Tree but you can use any glass bottles or recycled glass. You could also do this with plastic if you have small children.

To begin with, you will need to clean the outside of your glass bottles and the inside if they are recycled.

Apply a coat of chalk paint to the bottles. This color is toasted Poppyseed Spray Chalk.  Once your bottles are dry you can decorate them. These bottles have been designed with a summery spring feel, but you can use whatever floral and embellishments you have on hand.

Begin by wrapping your twine into place and securing with a strong glue. When working with different mediums such as glass and fabric I like to use a multi-purpose glue such as E6000.

Add your embellishments and the letters H O M E onto each bottle.

When decorating I like to lay all my bottles out so I am getting a good balance and decorating them as a whole piece and not just working on one bottle at a time. It really helps with the overall design of the craft project.


This craft was contributed by Tiffany from Ohana Design Space

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