Beautiful Crochet Bag

Beautiful Crochet Bag

This crochet bag is the perfect little school bag or handbag. Chose modern colors to make a fashion statement.

What you need

½” Skein Worsted Weight Yarn (Such as Red Heart)
G, H & N Hooks
Yarn Needle
Button or other closure (Button I got was from Walmart)



With H Hook, Ch 26

Round 1: HDC in each st, DO NOT TURN

Rounds 2-16: Repeat Round 1

Round 17: sc in each st, fasten off and weave in ends.


With N Hook, Ch 30 (Strap will stretch longer)

Row 1: DC in each ch across

Fasten off and sew to inside of bag at outside edges.


Sew button on middle of bag above pocket.

Ch 10-20 depending how much of the bag you’ll want to be open when it is closed. Do a slip stitch in 1st ch to make a loop. Sew to center of bag on opposite side of button.


With G Hook, Ch 20

Row 1: HDC in each st, ch 1, turn.

Rows 2-11: Repeat Row 1

Fasten off and weave in ends.

Sew pocket onto purse leaving enough room for your closure. Remember to not sew the top shut.


  1. Here a project I made adapting this pattern to fit my own needs!!

    *when it says do not flip your work when you come to the end of the row. You want to continue to work around the row and down the other side. Now you will be working in the round.
    *The only sewing you do in this project is sewing the handle and pocket on to the bag. The bag is done in the round so you don’t have to sew up the bottom or the sides!!

    I really enjoyed making this project my own!! Hope I could answer some of the questions people had above!! Enjoy crocheting!!

  2. If, on the first row, you don’t turn, do you continue around the other side of the chain? I’d like to make this for someone but that part confuses me. Thanks!

  3. This is the exact pattern for a bag that I’ve been searching for! So excited to try and make it, but I have a question… how do you make the actual bag part? Do you make one long piece, fold it together, and sew the sides? It looks like that might be it; I guess I’ll have to try and see. 🙂 Thanks!

  4. This looks like a really cool project to make.. I am going to try it as soon as I get a minute to do it… Only one question thought. For making the BAG part itself am I makeing 2 Peices and then sewing them together? Thats what I am thinking I must do, but you didn’t say to or not.. Once I make it I will let you know how it comes out, Thanks for the great idea..

  5. Justa wondering… i wanna know how big the finished bag is before i try it 🙂

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