Cranberry Ornament

Cranberry Ornament

There’s nothing like a new twist to make a childhood tradition fresh and modern. These cranberry ornaments evoke the nostalgia of old-fashioned popcorn and cranberry decorations but without the mess or sore fingers you get from long hours of stringing with a needle. Shaping the wire into a star or a stylized angel would also be adorable.

What you need

You Will Need:
•16-gauge wire craft wire – any color you prefer
•Dried cranberries


For a heart that measures 4 inches across cut a 16-inch length of wire.  Fold the wire in half to form the bottom point of the heart.  Bend the wire into the rough shape of a complete heart. You will have to reshape the heart after threading on the cranberries so don’t worry about it being perfect at this point. Working on one side at a time push the cranberries onto the wire and slide them down to the center fold. Fill the wire until the entire half of the heart is complete and repeat on the other side. Reshape the heart and twist the loose wire ends together to form a hook for hanging the ornament. Trim off excess wire.

Make several cranberry ornaments and link them side-by-side with a small loop of wire to make a garland. They would also be great package toppers, especially for packages wrapped in burlap or plain brown paper.

Experiment with a variety of dried fruits such as diced dried apricots or pineapple. When mixed together the dried fruits take on a jewel-tone look.

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