Confetti Splat Easter Eggs

Confetti Splat Easter Eggs

These confetti eggs are great fun for kids to make and play with. They are ideal alternatives to chocolate eggs.

What you need

Tissue paper


Carefully pierce one end of the egg with a needle. Turn over and make a small hole. Let the raw egg pour out. Gently rinse out and allow to dry.

Remember they are very brittle so handle them carefully.

Once they are dry decorate the outside with paint, glue glitter and decorations of your choice.

Fill the egg with confetti, use the funnel to help.

Glue a small piece of tissue or tissue paper to the open end of the egg. This will close up the hole that you placed the confetti into.

Now it is complete and can be broken over people heads for loads of laughs.


  1. sounds like fun. thank you vey much!!

  2. We have been doing this for as long as I can remember but we added a twist to it. We also put flour in the eggs along with confetti it mights be messier but everyone even the adults end up running around trying to get someone. We have a really good time and great pictures are taken!! We have been doing it this way for a lot of years now and everyone who comes to are Easter parties have a lot of fun with easter eggs.

  3. It isn’t necessary to make a pin hole to empty eggs. A larger hole is needed to fill with confetti and makes the project quite easy.

    I have a tutorial with step-by-step photos at

  4. I use a dremmel tool to make the holes in each end and the rubber bulb end of a basting syringe to blow out the raw egg. I can clean out a dozen eggs in 15 minutes!

  5. i wish i could see a pic of it!

  6. I been doing this project for years now. Passed on traditions from my grandma to my mom to me. Now I pass it on to my kids!!! Fun fun fun……

  7. How big does the hole need to be to be able to put confetti in it?

  8. awesome idea my kids will luv this!lol

  9. I tried it and it’s much harder than it looks. Trust me. Big pain to hollow out the eggs.

  10. I would love to see a picture.

  11. We did this in Elementary school over 10 years ago, and we enjoyed it then.

  12. says

    What a fun idea and project!


  13. cool for anyone

  14. it sounds like a ton of fun for any age group

  15. truleelee says

    I think kids’ would enjoy this!

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