Cocktail Umbrella Lampshade

Cocktail Umbrella Lampshade

This project shows you how to make a quirky lampshade using a plastic ball and cocktail umbrellas.

What you need

cocktail umbrellas in different colors
hard plastic ball/s


First take your plastic ball and start by cutting a hole of 5 cm radius in it. This will serve as a place to fit in your bulb

Now take that ball and start piercing your umbrellas one by one from the sharp side of the toothpick.

Keep on doing this until the whole ball fills with umbrellas.

You can make one multicolored ball or even different colored balls in layers – it is up to your imagination.

This can jazz up any dull room….the extra thing is that you would need to call up your electrician for this.. 🙂


  1. Why would you have to call an electrician? Did I miss something?

  2. @ Scaredevil-
    did you make this yourself? what material is the ball made out of? where did you buy the lighting kit?

  3. I’m thinking of making this with one of those paper ball lanterns…thought I might break off the sticks altogether and hot glue it to the outside. The base of the umbrella is large enough to hold the glue.

  4. terrificrafts says

    And also I think it would make an adorable hanging lamp but I’m just not sure how you would do that

  5. terrificrafts says

    I love this but I was thinking what if you get like just a cheap white lamp shade and poke those cocktail umbrellas into that instead of having to call an electrician and I think it would be kinda cute but I do like this project it’s just I wouldn’t want to call an electrician for it I love the circle shape though

  6. ok looks cool but what kind of ball? not the bouncy ball for $1.99 because those won’t hold shape once you put a whole in it. This is what I suggest. Get one of the paper chinese ball lights ( IKEA or Cost Plus World Market) and just poke the umbrellas through. Then you can just use the manufacturers instuctions for light and you know its safe.

  7. People – use common sense when buying the light for your ball and how long you leave the lamp on until you ‘know’ what is safe with the lights you use – or don’t use lights if you don’t have common sense. Even christmas lights would work. I ‘think’ the crafter means the ‘bouncy’ balls kids always want in the bins at the grocery stores, Wally’s, K.M., etc. Usually around $1.99 – the color should be considered as it will change the color of the umbrella. By the way – I love this idea and can’t wait to do this with my Granddaughters.

  8. @domokun2351…..maybe a styrofoam balll could work….but be careful of not breaking it…..and paint it in d colours of your umbrellla…

  9. @morgan haviland…..use a 0 watt bulb…its d safest…

  10. WOW! kool! would totally match my room! but do u think a styrofoam ball would work? like without the light in it….just as a deco.?

  11. So cute! Im going to use a tiny flash light instead!

  12. In reference to a previous comment by another guest, a CFL (the curly fluorescent lights) would be a very bad choice to use for this project. Those light bulbs get VERY hot. A small low voltage appliance bulb would probably be best. Like the kind in your refrigerator…those don’t put off as much heat.

  13. MorganHaviland says

    Heyy (: This pproject sounds amazing and ill defenetly be trying it !! Im kinda freaked out incase a fire starts or if something dangerous happens to the light bulb… whuut kind of light bulb did uu use and whauut kind of ball because i really want to know
    !! P.S- i need an answer asap and im using it for a birthday gift !!

  14. a lot of light gets emmited coz d umbrellas r translucent+the light spreads various colors…

  15. How much light is emitted?

  16. umm what kind of ball do u use?

  17. my room are these colors 🙂 but wouldnt the bulb heat up inside??

  18. sacredevil says

    @ guest….if u fear break of toothpick u can first make holes with a pin…..but in my case the toothpick didnt break…..

  19. It’s a little wierd. I mean were are you going to get a plastic ball that’s not going to pop or break the tooth pick?

  20. this is THE MOST amazing thing i have seen in a while!!!! I hope it turns out pretty like yours when im finished

  21. great for my tropical themed room ha ha!@!

  22. sacredevil says

    @ phreec … the ball can be of any size..upto your wish
    you can find it in a toy store
    and a cfc bulb or a low voltage bulb can do the trick for it…

  23. Very interesting project. Thanks!

  24. I would think the plastic ball would hold so much heat that the bulb would burn out faster. I could see doing this, but would think one of those curly, florescent bulbs would be a good choice inside.

  25. This would make a nice decoration for a Hawaiian Party or Luau without the lamp kit.

  26. this looks like a lot of fun!! my only concerns are: what size ball (and where to acquire)? and what size bulb is safe? otherwise, awesome idea!! great project for summer; maybe i’ll make a few for xmas gifts! 😀

  27. That would be fun outside on a patio or a porch.

  28. sacredevil says

    it wouldnt b a prob if u use a low voltage bulb…i actually have dis in my room n a switch it on onli 4 abt 1/2 hour or so….

  29. This looks awesome! Just wondering if the plastic ball would be a bit of a fire hazard though?

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