DIY Christmas Card: Happy Holidays

DIY Christmas Card: Happy Holidays

When said from the heart with the help of this DIY card, "Happy Holidays" really mean something!

What you need

5 x 7 white folded greeting card with envelope
5 x 7 dark blue cardstock
2 x 7 white paper (rip the top of the paper so it looks like snow)
Happy Holidays stamp
Blue ink pad
Craft glue
3 triangular trees (one dark green sparkly)
Small 3D snowflakes


Glue the dark blue paper onto the card, for the background and the sky.

Next glue your white paper, for the snow on the bottom of the card.

Now, using your stamp, stamp the “happy holidays” stamp on the bottom right hand side or use a similar sticker.

Next, glue your 3 trees on the left hand side of the card. And last, place your small snowflakes on the blue sky.


  1. so pretty

  2. OMG, how adorable!! I LOVE IT!!!!!

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