Beaded Bracelet – Butterfly Candy

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What you need

Turquoise 2.5mm suede cord x 30cm (TC446)
White 2.5mm suede cord x 30cm (TC441)
‘Candy Rock’ Beach beads x 2 (BB17)
Butterfly slider bead x1 (F847)
Button clasp x1 (F838)



1. Cut 30cm of each cord.

2. Knot the two cords together.

3. Leave approx. 3cm from the first. This is used to loop over the end button and secure on the wrist.

4. Leave approx. 5cm and tie another knot.

5. Thread on 1 beach bead and tie a knot.

6. Thread on the butterfly slider bead and tie a knot.

7. Thread on the other beach bead and tie a knot.

8. Thread on the end button, one strand per hole.

9. Knot the button in place, approx. 5cm from the last knot.

10. Trim any excess thread.



  1. this is very cute but some materials are so hard to look for

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