Beach House Shell Wreath

Beach House Shell Wreath

This craft project shows you how to take seashells found on the beach and create a keepsake wreath for your beach house.

What you need

18 inch grapevine wreath
5 zip ties
Dollar Tree Nautical Rope
Dollar Tree Sea Shells, or if you take a trip to the beach grab them
Dollar Tree Ombre Tote Bag or a small net mesh
Hot Glue Gun


This summertime wreath is perfect for making as gifts. They are inexpensive to make and the wreath can be created using shells you have picked up on the shoreline from a recent holiday or family picnic.

This tutorial uses a tote bag from the dollar store that had mesh, but you can use any similar products, such as plastic produce bags, like the ones you find oranges in, it works well too.

Start by cutting the ombre tote bag handles off so you just have the netting

Trim so that it stretches to fit inside of the grapevine and secure with zip ties. Trim the ends of the zip ties

Using the hot glue gun, hot glue the shells to the grapevine wreath, I made sure to add hot glue to the grapevine wreath where I was going to add the shell also to make sure it was secure

I then laid out the nautical rope onto the grapevine wreath to see exactly how much I would need. I then trimmed the end off and added the nautical rope to the grapevine wreath using the hot glue

What do you think of this project? Let us know!