Baby Shower – Pacifier Necklace

Baby Shower – Pacifier Necklace

Got a baby shower coming up? Then here is a very cute homemade baby shower favor!

What you need

Mint white Lifesavers
Jelly Beans
Hot Glue or Frosting


First you want to get some life saver candies. The best ones to use are the life savers that are mint. They are mostly white in color.

Second you want to hot glue one life saver to another standing up. It will look like the back of a baby pacifier. If you have a recipe for a frosting paste this would work great too! Especially if you intend on eating these.

Third take a jellybean and hot glue it to the other side. It will represent the nipple part.

Last, you can make the pacifier look like a necklace if you’d like. Just tie a ribbon around long enough to fit around someone’s neck. Then you have an instant baby pacifier necklace.

They are super cute and your guests will just love them.

**These are just for fun, don’t let the kids eat them if they have hot glue**

What do you think of this project? Let us know!