Altered Coasters – Easter Basket

Altered Coasters – Easter Basket

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What you need

5 square 4″x4″ chipboard coasters
3 sheets of 12×12 coordinating scrapbook pattern paper
(the sample uses one stripe, one vine pattern and one large floral pattern)
64″ of coordinating ribbon
strip of coordinating cardstock 10″ x 1 1/2″ (sample uses green)
2 large brads
liquid glue
glue stick
foam adhesive dots
Easter grass

Cropadile hole punch or eyelet hole punch with hammer and mat
Coluzzle cutting system with square temple (optional)


This altered art Easter scrapbooking project shows you how to use coasters and scrapbooking paper supplies to create this fun Easter basket.

Using the Coluzzle cutting system and square template cut 4 5"x5" squares of stripped patterned paper and 6 5"x5" squares of vine patterned paper. If you do not have a Coluzzle, trace around the coasters using a pencil and cut out the squares with scissors.

Cut and set aside a strip of stripped pattern paper 10" x 1 1/4".

Using the glue stick cover the front and back of 2 coasters with the cut stripped paper squares and cover the front and back of 3 coasters with the vine paper squares.

Using the Cropadile hole punch or an eyelet hole punch with a hammer on a mat, punch four holes down the left and right sides of 2 stripped and 2 vine coasters, spacing the holes 1" apart.

Using scissors cut out floral designs from the floral patterned paper.

Using the glue stick adhere cut out flowers to the 4 punched coasters, use foam dots to pop up some of the floral images.

Cut ribbon into 4 pieces 16" each.

Using the ribbon connect the four coasters by lacing up the sides, starting at the bottom and trying the ribbon in a bow at the top. Do all four sides to form a cube.

Using the liquid glue around the edges of the 5th coaster attach it to the bottom of the cube to form the bottom of the Easter basket; let dry.

Cut a strip of cardstock 10" x 1 1/2" and adhere previously cut pattern paper strip on top, punch holes at both ends of strip.

Punch two holes on opposite sides of the basket near the top and attach the paper strip with brads to form the handle of the Easter basket.

Fill the Easter basket with Easter grass and goodies!


  1. tip: make it for a friend/family member but add some all different sized easter eggs. 🙂

  2. This is adorable, I love making things out of coasters, the only thing I suggest is after you glue on the paper to the coaster, sand the endes with a sanding block or emery board. It binds the paper into the coaster and prevents it from coming off.

  3. it needs pictures so that you can see if it looks right

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