Spooky Dry Ice Smoke

Spooky Dry Ice Smoke

Hosting a Halloween party? Looking for a spooky effect? Try this smoking dry ice effect at your next theme party.

What you need

Large container
Dry ice


Start by taking a large container that will hold several liters of water.

Place the dry ice into the container and add enough water to cover the ice.

The warmer the water the more smoke the ice will create. But the ice will melt faster.

Dry ice looks great bubbling out of a witches pot. Paint a stew pot black for a witches brew pot.

You can get dry ice from ice supply stores. Check your local directory for party supply listings.

Skin should NOT come into any contact with the ice as it burns the skin. Children should not be left unattended with the ice or witches pot.


  1. wow that’s….*considers* seriously awesome!! man i wish i had dry ice on hand so that i could try this, climb up the fire escape to my sister’s apartment, and leave it on her balcony so it would look like its all smoky from fire mwahahaaaa

  2. We did this when I was a kid. All the guests LOVED IT! It does melt fast. I highly recommend getting hold of an authentic looking cauldron as it does make a difference in the “looks” of the display. Try party supply stores for plastic cauldrons.

  3. this is great!

  4. So cool! I did it at my halloween party and my friend thought there was a fire!

  5. wannabecrafter says

    They sell it at my local Albertsons store, so maybe you can check out some of the supermarkets close to you.


  7. danisa105 says

    this is cool

  8. it’s cool

  9. chinchilla_chilieboy says

    where can i get the dry ice?other than that i love this project!!!!love it love josie

  10. kewl

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