Recycled Ladybug Jar

Recycled Ladybug Jar

This is a really cute Mother's Day Craft idea. Kids will love to make this ladybug as a gift!

What you need

plastic or glass jar with lid
red, black and white acrylic craft paint
bug foam stamp
red polka dot fabric
sealer spray


Put lid on jar. If the lid is not red, paint it red.

I added a thin coat of red to mine because it was a little cloudy looking.

Paint a black semicircle at one end of the lid. Use the handle end of the paintbrush dipped in black paint to add different sized spots. Let dry.

While that is drying, paint the surface of your foam stamp with black paint and press it onto the surface of the front of the jar. For mine, since I was using the bug to cover up a boo boo, I made sure that I painted the ladybug head (semicircle) on the lid to line up with the boo boo. Let dry.

Use the handle end of the paintbrush dipped in white paint to add eyes. Let dry.

Use a small paintbrush, handle end, dipped in black to dot on pupils. Let dry.

For the tiny whites on the eyes, you can dip a toothpick in white paint, or use a white paint pen. Use the handle end of a small paintbrush to add white dots to the back of the stamped bug. Let dry.

Wrap a piece of red polka dot fabric around the jar and tie in a bow, trim the ends.

Give everything a quick burst spray of sealer.

All done!

What do you think of this project? Let us know!